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Eluvian - The Doom of Edendalk

The Doom of Edendalk
by Laura Glover at 06 February 2020, 6:07 AM

Released December 15, 2019, "The Doom of Edendalk" is a conceptual EP. Based on the town of Edendalk, just one of the many cities that fell during the military campaigns of Ogrukad.  Whose goal it is to wipe the land clean and rebuild it in his own image. The town of Edendalk has its own saga to behold. A tale punctuated by melodic notes and also the occasional wood sounding instruments. This EP was written and recorded in Sula, Norway. Album art both inside and out is epic. From the cartoon looking figures that are the fantasy band, to the cover art.

"The Noble City" - With its melodic notes upon entry this song captures you immediately into its grasp of blast beats and heavy hitting vocals. The lilting guitar notes lift you higher and higher, just where they want you. Lyrically, the story begins in this song. A sunny day in Edendalk. Those who guard this town do so fiercely. Meanwhile, last quarter of the song marvel us with the wood flute. "Beggars in the Gutter" - Talks about the slums and the beggars, the dark side of Edendalk. We can't protect them from themselves. The musical composition throughout has some commanding guitar tunes and ends in a powerful solo.

"Fiends of Foreign Lands" - Off to war they go. Into foreign lands in search of blood. Ominous chords sink these emotions of doom. This is a ballad to the spoils of war and everything that gets burned and left hollow. This story is told to us through heavy and dark vocals. "The Gates Have Fallen" - And then the warriors conquer, as people cry out in pain. This is a dark track. Speaking of fallen men and a city in ruins. Sung to us in that dark voice, the guitar maintains its epic beauty all through. Power chords of awesomeness!

Concept albums or EP's always intrigue me the most. Maybe it is the bookworm in me, the teenager that spent all her time with a nose buried in a fantasy novel. I love seeing a story unfold song by song. Especially when coupled with metal music. The music on each track was very cool, the guitarist in this band plays incredibly well. I especially liked the introduction of the wood instruments. The wood flute added a haunting note to great songs. The saga of Edendalk is promised to be continued on their next release. So, I wonder what's next? We were left with Edendalk defeating a city and leaving it in ruins. Is the war over for its soldiers and knights?

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. The Noble City
2. Beggars in the Gutter
3. Fiends of Foreign Lands
4. The Gates have Fallen
Mads Smebakk - Guitar and Keys
Markus Olsen - Vocals and Lyrics
Espen Mork - Bass
Ludvig Pedersen - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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