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Elvenking - Era Award winner

by Jorge "The Zarto" Zamudio at 17 September 2012, 11:27 AM

ELVENKING is a band that has been through strange times, started going to the top, then with “The Scythe”, had a big fall to the depths of hell, but now, is like a phoenix rising, is like not only rising from a fall, is learning to fly.

In this release, the band has managed to find a sound that fits perfectly in current days, bringing memories of folk past times, with modern touches, an excellent production, the guitars are very catchy, riffs very well written, solos that if are not something out of this world, make a good job of bringing down the melody to your ears, the percussion is perfect, well played and easily listenable in each track, the violin and the keys make the atmospheres very remarkable, and the voice of Damna, is simply amazing, with that touch of getting very high, or making good deeps to make the lyrics been remembered.

This is a new "Era" for these guys, for the fans, and for the folk, because they are just making a statement with this album: are not only wars, trolls, and harsh voices, folk is a feeling that can be translated to the listener in such many ways, and the ELVENKING way, is making a difference, a very good one.

4 Star Rating

1. The Loser
2. I Am the Monster
3. Midnight Skies, Winter Sighs
4. A Song for the People
5. We, Animals
6. Through Wolf's Eyes
7. Walking Dead
8. Forget-me-not
9. Poor Little Baroness
10. The Time of Your Life
11. Chronicle of a Frozen Era
12. Ophale
13. Khanjar
Rafahel -Guitars
Lethien -Violin
Symohn -Drums
Jakob -Bass
Record Label: AFM Records


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