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Elvenking - Wyrd (CD)

by Alex Farmakis at 12 August 2004, 8:03 PM

Wyrd' is the drum of destiny, the deep rhythm of hidden forces which inspires our dance through life. In ancient Europe shamans - masters of Wyrd - journeyed to the deepest roots of the world tree, and then flew to the tips of the highest branches. They returned with wisdom from the spirit world. (Brian Bates, author of The Way Of Wyrd).
Finally the second album of the shamans of Paganism, Elvenking, is in my hands after a four months of searching. And before I start this review I would like to say that distributors should do their work a little better. It is unacceptable to be searching everywhere for an album that has been released a few months ago and the companies in charge of the distribution not showing any interest about it; therefore making it impossible to find.
Wyrd has been released in Italy in April 2004 and it has not yet been released in Greece. I don't know if this also happened in other countries too but we cannot miss albums that we want to listen to because of the ignorance some companies (around the world) display. At this point I want to thank Aydan (guitarist) for sending me Wyrd.
Let 's start with the review now. For all those who don't know what kind of music Elvenking play I will say that they play Folk/Power Metal. Just try to imagine Italian Power Metal with a few influences from Helloween and with mixed with a large dose of Folk music. If you can imagine Skyclad's atmosphere, but with more Folk parts and Power Metal, then you will have in mind Elvenking's music.
Their music is magical and it takes you away to another dimension, to another wonderful and magical world. It is like an old forgotten fairytale that is being told in this specific point in time to make us realize that the world is going astray and we must do everything we can to make it take the right way again; the way of nature.
All the guys are great musicians and they make a very good team. The rhythm guitars, the solos, the melodic parts, the drums, everything is quite good and they make an excellent result for the songs. The violins are very good too and they create a great Folk atmosphere.
I must add that when I heard that Damnagoras left the band I was disappointed because I liked his voice very much. The good thing is that Kleid has a very good voice and he refills in the best way Damnagoras' gap. His voice is exactly what Elvenking needed and he gives Wyrd all the magic that it needs.
We need more bands playing this kind of music and reminding us what world we are living in. We need more guys like Elvenking to play music like that and make us love again from the beginning nature and all that it can give us.
I don't know what you will do. Do your best and find this album. It is quite difficult to find it in Greece (impossible is a better word because it has not yet been released in Greece) but I hope that it must be a little easier to find in other countries.
The grade of this album should be higher but I cannot grade an album with 16 out of 5! And I also cannot give them a 5/5 because I am sure that their next album will reach perfection.

4 Star Rating

The Loser's Ball
Jigsaw Puzzle
The Silk Dilemma
Disappearing Sands (Ltd. Edition Bonus)
The Perpetual Knot
Another Haven
A Fiery Stride (Ltd. Edition Bonus)
Midnight Circus
A Poem For The Fimament
Kleid - Vocals
Aydan - Guitars
Jarpen - Guitars & Growls
Gorlan - Bass
Elyghen - Violin & Keys
Record Label: AFM Records


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