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Elvenpath - Gateways (CD)

by Alex Farmakis at 06 September 2004, 7:57 PM

It's a pity that we cannot find albums from groups like Elvenpath every day in every record store. I found “Gateways forgotten and unknown in a small record shop only six months after it had been released!
The reason that I am writing this review now, six months after the release of the album is that I believe that “Gateways is a an extremely good album and that if bands like Elvenpath should stay unknown forever then there is no reason for us to be writing anything else about music.
Elvenpath, for all those who haven't heard of them, they play German Power Metal, are very technical and very melodic too. Their sound and production of the album are quite rough and they give a very beautiful feeling of 80s atmosphere. The rhythm section is very good and the drums are heavy and powerful. The guitars expand over very good ideas of lead sections and solos. Michael's voice is good but it can become better. On the other hand I think that Michael should maintain his voice exactly as it is because now it is giving the album all the magic that it needs and all the 80s feeling and epic atmosphere that it has.
Their songs are all quite long, more than 7 minutes, but that fact does not become boring at all. On the contrary the many guitar ideas and melodies that they have in them make them quite interesting.
Elvenpath are one of these groups that must preserve their sound as it is and must not try to make a crystal clear production. Only by that way will they keep their true character that they built.
I wish for them to sign at a company so they can release more albums in the future and I consider myself to be lucky that I found “Gateways. I also want to thank them for journeying me through the world of dreams. I feel happy that there are other people that share the same dreams with me.

4 Star Rating

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