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Elvenpath - Spyrol (Album) (CD)

Spyrol (Album)
by Dimitris Kontogeorgakos at 18 July 2008, 12:48 PM

If I am not mistaken (due to my failing memory a.k.a. Alzheimer) I have reviewed the demo version of Spyrol before seven months or so. ELVENPATH honored us by sending us the full length album that contains the three songs from the promo CD plus four new ones. Well. If you are a die-hard of my reviews (yeah I imagine that I have a fan-base…) you will probably remember what I found interesting in the promo release. The German based band comes from the Power Metal scene with dual guitar melodies, catchy riffs and sometimes with an underlying Epic atmosphere.
For the last years I have come to the conclusion that the Power Metal scene is rather restricted when it comes to music diversity and originality. And I think for the same reason this scene has an extremely hardcore and loyal fan base. Additionally, when an album has the Power Metal label upon you can most of the times know what to expect and invest on it without second thoughts or even regrets. Well, ELVENPATH fall in this category where you can be sure that you will get a full dose of straightforward European Power Metal. In this album you can sound references to GRAVE DIGGER in the rhythm of Priest Of War, FALCONER in the guitar driven Burning Skies and even some early BLIND GUARDIAN or even ANGEL WITCH  feelings during the nine minutes of Angel Of Fire.
Tim Zahn has a voice that falls in into the love or hate category with high pitches that bring to my mind the singer of CIRITH UNGOL. He sometimes sounds like he is out of tune but I think that this is his actually singing style so it is a matter of taste.
The Epic feeling comes really strong in the MANOWAR-esque Northern Son that kicks in with a Defender like intro. This song clocks ten minutes and follows a mid tempo path while the very good guitar solo near the end made think of the longtime metallers MANNILA ROAD. The album close with instrumental Act The Innocent which is more like a nice guitar riff selection with nice hooks and some old-school RUNNING WILD twin guitar credits.
As I wrote in the beginning the band from Germany comes from a Metal scene that has no secrets and definitely no surprises. ELVENPATH honor their influences with an album that will satisfy the fans of the aforementioned scene. So, if you are into Power Metal scene then visit the band's site and support them and add one more point to my rating.

3 Star Rating

Burning Skies
Priests Of War
The Mask Of Sorrow
Angel Of Fire
Late At Night
Northern Son
Act The Innocent
Till Oberbovel - Guitar
Tim Zahn - Vocals
Markus Weitzel - Drums
Anastasia Schmidt - Guitar
Christian Flindt - Bass
Record Label: Self Released


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