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Elvenpath - Spyrol (CD)

by Dimitris Kontogeorgakos at 13 November 2007, 10:42 AM

ELVENPATH is another new band that hopes to find the support of a record label through the release of Spyrol that is actually a demo CD containing 3 tracks from the future full length release. The band comprises 5 members (one of them is a female�) that hail from Germany where they came together sometime during the winter of 2002. Apart from the other two releases the band has been performing live whenever they had the chance; their most important live accomplishment was the tour as a supporting act to one of my personal favourites SKYCLAD sometime in 2005.
Burning Skies opens the demo CD with the classic European Power Metal sound influenced by trademark band�s like FALCONER in terms of the catchy and melodic leads or like RUNNING WILD when the galloping rhythm section is in question. Well, I could add that sometimes the sound of the guitars and especially the high pitched vocals remind of the long forgotten band CIRITH UNGOL. PRIEST OF WAR bears the trademark German Metal sound and reveals some minor influences by the tectonic Metal of GRAVE DIGGER. This track has a certain epic atmosphere that becomes really enjoyable during the sing-along chorus lines. ELVENPATH implement the dual guitar recipe with catchy riffs that hook in your mind from the very first auditions. The Epic atmosphere is really enhanced during the 10 minutes of the last of the three tracks entitled Northern Son. The quite good vocals accompanied with the classic clean guitar have something from the good and early days of MANOWAR. The track continues in the same mid tempo pattern and closes this demo CD with some vintage vinyl scratching sounds.
Well, this is a very good promo release that raises some expectations for the full length album. So, all the classic Power Metal lovers will find something to like from ELVENPATH and should pay a visit on the band�s site to listen to some songs edits and form a personal opinion.

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Burning Skies
Priests Of War
Northern Son
Till Oberbovel - Guitar
Tim Zahn - Vocals
Markus Weitzel - Drums
Anastasia Schmidt - Guitar
Christian Flindt - Bass
Record Label: Self Released


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