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Elvenstorm - Of Rage & War

Of Rage & War
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 15 December 2011, 1:56 PM

It will not be the first time nor the last of me saying that Heavy Metal has no end. As long as crazy old school fans draw breath, tradition will never cease to exist. Surging with the up tempo rhythms and fast trills of RUNNING WILD following the melodies of IRON MAIDEN, I present you the French ELVENSTORM, the next in line warriors of steel. With the speed of light, newly signed to their local Inferno Records, they march to war, for the glory of the 80s.

Poland has its own CRYSTAL VIPER while ELVENSTORM's country mates, LONEWOLF, serve as the local RUNNING WILD. However, as it seemed from this album, it won't be long till this crew of fine Metalheads will take on the lead. It is correct to argue that this band is no different than of most of the European bands that worship the 80s, but they are a part of the better keepers of the flame. "Of Rage & War" is as an 80s album of the genre should sound like and that is with straightforward attacks and features that will make it unforgettable.

As far as the music goes, it is a total melodic rapidity onslaught. The large majority of the tracks rely on speed and fast melodic trills. I have always enjoyed those kinds of harmonies; those are true great rhythms that are more to each song. When the rhythm turns into mid tempo drive there are also some fine results that reminded me of how much worship and admiration these guys have for IRON MAIDEN.

Michael Hellstrom, the band's guitarist, along with his companion on the drums, Felix Borner, sent me back to the golden years with their abilities. Hellstrom is a sort of player that doesn't need a second axe. On his own he plays wonderful traditional rhythms while his solos were plainly jaw breaking. No question about it that he is one of the prime reasons that I liked this album. However, I can't forget Borner, that even if it would seem that his fast paced beats are ordinary, he plays those quite a lot but within the best of his ability. He can surly reserve himself as one of the best Speed Metal drummers.

With all of my enthusiasm regarding this album, I couldn't escape the fact that most of what I was listening here was more or less the same. There were songs that were very similar to others and also within the tracks of the album itself. I didn't expect anything else from ELVENSTORM, whether from their themes filled with clichés or music that is a sort of reprise. Furthermore, the songs' beats and up tempos ruled almost the entire album thus not allowing the listener to enjoy a fine drummer that can do a lot more.

Songs that emblazoned me with their classic orientations were "Black Visions", "Rebirth" and "Raven In A Blackened Sky". However, I would like to point out that a true Metalhead should listen to the entire album. Yes there are many like this one but only a chosen few are future promises.

4 Star Rating

1. Winds of War
2. Rebirth
3. Witchhammer
4. Struggle Within
5. Black Visions
6. Kill the Deceiver
7. Raven in a Blackened Sky
8. Stand Thy Fall
9. Legions of Steel 
Laura Ferreux– Vocals
Michael Hellstrom– Guitars
Damien Silvestre– Bass
Felix Borner- Drums
Record Label: Inferno Records


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