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Elysian - Wires Of Creation

Wires Of Creation
by Vagelis “Vagelan” Tiflopoulos at 17 May 2012, 9:20 AM

In recent years the Australian Metal scene exploded wildly onto the worldwide stage with bands such as KARNIVOOL, PSYCHROPTIC and CIRCLES all turning international heads; the latest bandto want a piece of the pie is Melbourne based melodic Deathsters ELYSIAN with their first full length album “Wires Of Creation”.The release storms its way through eleven tracks of hook laden, flowing dark melodies, technical solo interludes and snarling evil vocal work with a touch of PINK FLOYD!

The album started with “Mans Design”, the slow and the fast dreamy guitar riffs with the brutal vocals build up into a theatrical and emotional intro to the album. “Sigma” came like a bullet in my head. Melodic Death Metal, Progressive and acoustic tendencies as PINK FLOYD and adding in a layer of DARK TRANQUILLITY riffing and polyrhythm but also have its own identity. By the time ELYSIAN had progressed to “Climb From Fear” I was definitely as invested in the album as one should be. Vocalist Ben Garner has a great growl that actually is quite reminiscent of Mikael Stanne in tone and extremity, but he also has a very unique brutal vocal approach that I can’t really compare to anyone else. Bassist Tristan Tait’s tone is round, pronounced, and solid during “Sense Offender” especially, Tristan’s winding bass lines echo and accent the angular riffs with great ease. Trevan masters complex cymbal arrangements and patterned breakdowns, all of which have a particular alignment in each of the musical movements. Yet, Trevan knows how to slow down the groove and take the song in a smoother direction. The “Play the Hand” told me that the ELYSIAN’s music it’s full of rich textures and melodies, innovative song structures and a lot of other niceties that should make any adept of modern Progressive Metal drool of sheer pleasure. That was my favorite one. There was not better conclusion of the album than the “A Cry from Helplessness” a music miracle with three parts “The Remorse”, “The Choice” and finally “The Fall”, that was flawless! Guitarists Gabriel and Hutch play like the best guitarists of popular Metal bands, and yet, are much less famous. Mixed and mastered by the band themselves “Wires Of Creation” has constructed a journey that is rich with emotion and forged by a legitimate heaviness…

Interested in a new Progressive Metal experience? Or perhaps just some fresh travel? Visit ELYSIAN’s “Wires Of Creation”. You just might get lost, as I did, in an unfamiliar, beautiful musical experience.

4 Star Rating

1. Mans Design
2. Sigma
3. Climb from Fear
4. Eternal Breath
5. Sense Offender
6. The Gate
7. Play the Hand
8. Calming the Storm (instrumental)
9. Conquest
10. Machine
11. A Cry from Helplessness
      i. Remorse
      ii. The choice
      iii. The Fall
Ben Garner – Vocals & Percussion
Gabriel – Lead and Rhythm Guitars
Hutch – Lead and Rhythm Guitars
Tristan Tait – Bass
Trevan– Drums
Record Label: Independent


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