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Elysion - Silent Scream

Silent Scream
by Dimitris Karametros at 09 February 2010, 8:02 PM

Hm…hm…ELYSION…hm…OK, I am reading side by side (with writing this review) the facts on the promo sheet that holds the information on the band’s history and exploits: impressive, impressive, covers by artists who made covers for LACUNA COIL and POISON BLACK, well known photographer etc. When I don’t know a band I read the promo sheet thoroughly, this one lost me in the first five lines. I hope that this is just the record company’s overarching desire to promote the band. In a world were massive information kills the essence of underground, bands who bear the title of dark/gothic Metal should retain an aura of mystery. Of course this is my opinion and bottom line is - as in everything - the modern god called money.

The sound of ELYSION is very close to LACUNA COIL. There were times while listening to it that I was confused, the good thing is that knowing LACUNA COIL very good I might add without any regret in heart that "Silent Scream" is better than the last LACUNA COIL album, true, true. The first thing that you discern while listening to Christianna is her voice, velvet and razor sharp. The songs were all tailored to her ability and each and every one of them lets her unfold that power in her voice. Of course as a man I would fail if I did not mention her looks also. The production is immaculate and crystal clear, too.

The rest of the band is able musicians that know the genre that they are called to play very good and you can hear them as they are supposed to hear them. Nothing that will lead to a change in the music scene, actually Christianna’s voice was more impressive than the band in the overall sound of the album. Songs move around relationships and you can discern a more personal twist, yet they do not manage to escape the mainstream.

All in all, "Silent Scream" is a very good album and it’s nice to see albums like this holding the Greek tag, just that I wish I could have once something, darker, more forbidden, more twisted to review from bands of this music genre.

3 Star Rating

  1. Dreamer
  2. Killing My Dreams
  3. Never Forever
  4. Weakness In Your Eyes
  5. Don’t Say A Word
  6. The Rules
  7. Bleeding
  8. Walk Away
  9. Loss
  10. Far From The Edge
  11. Erase Me
Christianna - Vocals
Johnny Zero - Guitars, Synths, Programming
FXF - Bass
Petros Fatis - Drums
Record Label: Massacre Records


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