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Embalmed - Brutal Delivery Of Vengeance Award winner

Brutal Delivery Of Vengeance
by Paulo Maniaco at 08 May 2014, 5:46 PM

Well, well, well, after receiving this CD "Brutal Delivery Of Vengeance" by this awesome band called EMBALMED I can tell that my desk was smelling like rotting flesh, and that is all right by me. Believe it or not EMBALMED was formed in 1987, back then they released a five songs demo called "Pieces Remain" and in 1993 they released a eight songs demo called "Pieces Remain" and after that they unleashed their assault in Texas where they actually come from.

Now twenty years later they make a comeback with this remarkable album called "Brutal Delivery Of Vengeance" in my view a master piece really, it is pure Death Metal and if you like Death Metal then you will like this one. It is heavy, dirty, bloody and gory and messy with a top notch production thick and clear and grotesque and with an old school sound that goes till the very end, lots of sick solos with lots of distortion and evil and all begins with "Regiment Of Death" then the "Insurgent Killer" appears from nowhere and it gets messy now "The Stalker Texas Mangles" comes to the scene and a pond of blood is formed, now you know about my "Brutal Delivery Of Vengeance" and you shall pay the price because now it is about the "Penetralia". EMBALMED is now awaken after twenty years of hibernation and they return even stronger and meaner than ever before and they are ready for the slaughter, fans of EXHUMER, CARCASS, SEVERE TORTURE and SINESTER will love this one, because the gore fest has just begun.

5 Star Rating

1. Regiment Of Death
2. Insurgent Killer
3. Stalker, Texas Mangler
4. Brutal Delivery Of Vengeance
5. Bathtub Slayings
6. Penetralia
7. Bludgeoned
8. Bloated Cadaver
9. Tortured
10. Crescendo Of Violence
11. Pieces Remain
Ed taylor - Guitars And Vocals
Dave Tillery - Bass
Brandon Partain - Drums
Ernie Jaramillo - Guitars And Back Vocals
Record Label: Dark Blasphemies Records


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