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Embalmer - Embalmed Alive

Embalmed Alive
by John Paul Romero at 15 May 2019, 6:13 AM

EMBALMER is one of the earliest groups that bombarded the death metal scene in USA. With a career spanning over twenty years, they have released two full-length albums alongside 8 demos and Eps and 3 compilations. The 2016 full length release “Emanations From The Crypt” showed that even after several ups and downs – even a temporary split-up, they still have what it takes to create an unforgiving old fashioned death metal. With their recent release “Embalmed Alive”, they create a statement that they are pretty much alive and kicking.

What will catch your attention is the outstanding quality of the live recording. The sound is so clear and crisp and the volume levels are perfectly balanced that you can hardly believe that it is actually a live recording and not a studio album. There are also no transitions in between songs as the empty time frames are cut out, and that only add to your confusion to whether it is actually recorded live or not. I’m particularly amazed by how the drums sounded so raw and strong, leading everything else in the mix. Paul Gorefiend’s performance is simply unforgiving and unrelenting. The way he drops his mean growls and insane squeals is mind blowing. Completing the recording are Dylan Gordon’s and Don Wolff’s sick riffs and solos and Joe Wunderle’s solid bass foundation.

The content of the set list is unquestionable. They have combined the celebrated classics like “There Was Blood Everywhere”, “Taxidermist”, and “Projectile Vomit” with fresher materials like “I Am The Embalmer”, “Dead Female Stalker”, “The Coroner’s Report” and “The Casket Calls”. The set list would give you everything about this band, right from their beginning, their mini “mid-career crisis”, until their most recent works – which makes it a complete experience. Overall, for the live CD itself, there is almost nothing you can say about it. The recording is awesome, sound quality is great, song selection is very good and the performance itself is mind-blowing. This live CD is highly recommended to any death metal fans out there, may you be a long time EMBALMER fan or not.

Songwriting: 7
Originality: 6
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

4 Star Rating

1. May The Wounds Bleed Forever
2. I am the Embalmer
3. Bone Box
4. Taxidermist
5. Morbid Confessions
6. There Was Blood Everywhere
7. Emanations From the Crypt
8. Projectile Vomit
9. The Coroner’s Report
10. The Necro Filing Cabinet
11. Procession of Bones
12. They Can Smell Our Blood
13. Dead Female Stalker
14. Rotten Body Fluids
15. The Casket Calls
Dylan Gordon – Guitars
Joe Wunderle – Bass
Roy Stewart – Drums
Paul Gorefiend – Vocals
Don Wolff – Guitars
Record Label: Hells Headbangers


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