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Embellish - Black Tears And Deeps Songs For Lost Lovers (CD)

Black Tears And Deeps Songs For Lost Lovers
by Harry Papadopoulos at 22 August 2008, 11:57 AM

My friends know that I'm one of those guys that can almost listen to everything. From old school Black/Death Metal to EBM and industrial, from classic Rock to Gothic Metal. So if there is an album that it is not that metal, it is 'coming' - most of the times - to me.

Those five guys are coming from Barcelona, Spain. EMBELLISH was born in 1996. During the years, some demos saw the light, with Living being their most successful one. In 2001 some lineup changes took place and they hit the studio for another demo and their first album, Black Tears And Deeps Songs For Lost Lovers, in 2004.

So, as you can imagine, here we are dealing with a re-release of that album with …two new songs…, as the band says; I Don't Believe in You (Remix Version) and Black Tears and Deep Songs for Lost Lovers (Unplugged Version). Now, if you believe that those are new songs, you have the same point of view with the band. Well, I don't. You can't say that a remix and an unplugged version are new songs! Their gothic Metal is somewhere between 69 EYES and H.I.M.. For their style the band is not bad. Thanks, but no thanks. The whole atmosphere is for little brokenhearted boys and girls, with David voice being the one that may make the band a descent name in the future, since this is a genre that music industry supports. As for the music itself, it's exactly as mellifluous as it should be for a band like this one. But if you just want to listen to something more Metal-ish and dark, you can find much better releases to put your money on.

I read that EMBELLISH may be the next H.I.M.. Well, I don't believe that this is going to happen, but if they get the proper support they will become a quite big name. The bad thing is that they are a copy of the pre-mentioned bands. Try harder and you may do something. If it was for me, I wouldn't bother to write that much about that album and rate it. But since we may have some readers that like this sound…

1 Star Rating

Romeo's Dead
This Wind
I Don't Believe In You
Nothing to Promise
Black Tears And Deep Songs For Lost Lovers
Your Ghost Dancing
False Illusions
When My Hearth Is Bleeding
I Don't Believe In You (Remix Version)
Black Tears And Deep Songs For Lost Lovers (Unplugged Version)
Falling (Video Clip)
Miguel - Guitars
Marcos - Guitars
David - Vocals
Ernesto - Bass
Bud - Drums
Record Label: Indar Productions


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