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Ember Sea - Nova Award winner

Ember Sea
by Katarzyna Zakolska at 12 December 2013, 2:30 PM

EMBER SEA is female fronted Metal band out of Hannover, Germany and has been running since 2009. Lately they released their debut album ”Nova”.

“Coffin Heart” is a soothing melodic track, quite an enticing experience, always a pleasure listening to a female’s voice leading a harsher environment, something in the sense of EPICA and NIGHTWISH songs. On “Storm” there is the modernized / industrial feel of RAMMSTEIN, usage of various of contemporary riffing and techniques. “Dreh Dich” is another sort of RAMMSTEIN, yet much more melodic and inspiring than the previous. “Black Birds” sails on the same modernized edge, somewhat melodic, has that profound aura of EVANESCENCE, especially in the lead vocals. “Rush”, unlike its opening is quite comforting, unlike its name, these riffs are amazing under a catchy chorus in high pitched singing, like a hymn. Wonderful climate is in ballad “Beyond The Veil” where Eva Gerland sings perfectly with the accompaniment of acoustic guitars. “Wildhearted” impacted with the same aura, yet going towards a Folk Metal vibe, like a fairy tale. “Afterworld” repeats that same Folk Metal echoes and big dozen of melodies and “Sable Maze” with sublime guitars, catchy chorus leading to NIGHTWISH and keyboards similar to AYREON.

EMBER SEA presents an amazing debut album, full of passion and in a way quite assorted with its Metal perception. They mix Rock, Metal with Symphonic elements and modern resonances. In terms of music, songwriting and production this album are almost perfect on every count. I believe that this one is a must for Metalheads that appreciate a good wall of sound along with tremendous material.

4 Star Rating

1. Nova
2. Coffin Heart
3. Storm
4. Wildhearted
5. Black Birds
6. Afterworld
7. Rush
8. Sable Maze
9. My Company
10. Beyond the Veil
11. Dreh Dich
Eva Gerland - Vocals
Stefan Santag - Guitars
Dirk Marquardt - Keyboards
Pablo J. Tammen - Bass
Enrico Mier - Drums
Record Label: 7Hard Records


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