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Embers Of Revenge - Imagination / Gates Of Destiny

Embers Of Revenge
Imagination / Gates Of Destiny
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 21 January 2013, 3:40 PM

Blending fantasy and reality isn't easy as it looks or sounds. It would never seem as a logical turn of events, but this mixture can contribute to a thought pattern, a simulation of what could be, endless possibilities conjured under a singular platform. I could on and on about this for countless of paragraphs, opening a full time discussion or lecture, but I believe that most of you already know that these glitzy ideas have been around for long, very old in music, especially exploited by Metal / Rock music in order to achieve the right amount of suspension. But it isn't bad at all to listen to another point of view; it might enrich each and everyone's brainwaves from time to time. Six guys from Tunisia made another twisted version of normality with blanket of darkness upon their observations. EMBERS OF REVENGE is a totally new name in the Metal world playing contemporary Power Metal following almost a strict European outline but with pitch-black of KAMELOT. I had the chance to listen to two singles of the band named "Imagination" and "Gates Of Destiny", both released recently via BlueFreya Records.

Generally, it is hard to be unique these days as Metal has been other there screaming and turning for four decades now. But still there are ways to standout. EMBERS OF REVENGE made their way point at being mysterious, playing straightforward stuff but with a greyish imagery to raise the bar while not being banal about it. There isn't an aim to be too catchy, just composing tracks with great riffs, adequate soloing under a murky atmosphere. EMBERS OF REVENGE's material is at the edge of being symphonic with fine display of Synths by Skander Essidbut still the guitars of Nizar Khsib & Selim Rawefi have their way on dominating the action. The lead guitar section surely put out a fight at wishing to be far beyond, but it was rather moderate, not too shabby, fulfilling the duties. Same goes for the rhythm section, manned by Ahmed Zouitine & Anwer Rawefi, which while sitting tight, didn't come out as out of the ordinary. The drums seemed a bit computerized at first glance, especially the bass drum on "Gates Of Destiny", yet there is a fine measure nonetheless. I have been contemplating with myself about the vocals, and it was hard for me to acknowledge them at first. Med Zougari has that cold, melancholic twist in his voice, but lacks a bit the depth of let's say Tom Englund of EVERGREY also I might a add a bit more vigor. Overall, this is a worthy band to check out and a debut will sure set the record straight for them. Their music has it in to excite, leave one thinking, and also enjoy their potential.

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1. Imagination
2. Gates Of Destiny 
Med Zougari- Vocals
Nizar Khsib– Lead Guitar
Selim Rawefi– Lead Guitar
Ahmed Zouitine- Bass
Anwer Rawefi- Drums
Skander Essid– Synths / Choirs
Record Label: BlueFreya Records


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