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Embersland – Dark Ages Award winner

Dark Ages
by Katarzyna Zakolska at 17 March 2015, 6:33 PM

EMBERSLAND is Symphonic / Gothic Metal band from Barcelona in Spain. They were found in 2009 and they have released their debut album "Sunrise” on 24th February 2013 and second album "Dark Ages” was released 6th February 2015.

I love very much the track “The Mirror of Your Soul” with power & energetic rhythm, strong guitars, killer working bass, clear drums & gentle keys in the background. Fantastic refrain with amazing heavier riffs sounds brilliant and also chilling screams. Duo vocals of female & male sounds totally impressive! This is my number one on this CD! Brilliant guitar solo gives great atmosphere. Great elements with heavier riffs, male singing and impressive Epic climate in RHAPSODY OF FIRE style with choir in the refrain is in “When I Die”. Fine drumming opens “Closer” with stronger riffs and great duo vocals in beautiful singing.

Memorable track “Be There for Me” has grooving bass, heavier riffs and catchy keys! Impressive choir which is really interesting and catchy duo in refrain! Also nice is “Where are You” with fabulous riffs, Symphonic keys and more calmer sounds with great singing – female / male. Melodic refrain in ballad style and amazing solo give great atmosphere to this song. Awesome deep male voice and Opera female voice in “Deadweight” has similarity to THERION style. It is very melodic climatic track with fine chorus and Progressive Metal where keys and change rate has DREAM THEATER echoes.

Vocalist Will has deep nice vocal, similarity to Ville Vallo (HIM). The mix of growling & clear vocal of Will and operatic voice of May is total amazing!– I like very much this mix of 2 vocalist! This is a positive change in pace on this album! Chorus is mega catchy with stronger guitars in "Hope”. Melodic singing & lyrics are thoughtful and true. Amazing heavier guitars, great rhythmic section create catchy melodies which I love and refrain dig during long time on mind. Here are gentle sounds with strength and Symphonic elements! Keys in NIGHTWISH style and Heavy Metal stylish guitars, memorable brilliant chorus – these all create kick-ass sounds in this track.

Opening “Sunrise (Part II)” is the longest track on this album lasts over 9 minutes and it sounds grandiose. What a performance – different styles are perfectly mixed – elements of Death Metal, gentle Rock, Symphonic Metal and Progressive changes like a sonic chameleon. Melodic guitars & keys create beautiful atmosphere! Both vocalist are excellent in duo singing! Singing female in Opera style together with singing male and even little growling sounds perfect! Here are calmer ballad sounds with heavier ones, brilliant changes in Progressive Metal style in DREAM THEATER style and Symphonic elements and also oriental riffs too with melodic chorus! Total brilliance!

EMBERSLAND combines and mix elements of Heavy Metal, Symphonic Metal, Hard Rock, Gothic Metal, Progressive to Death/Thrash Metal with modern touch and melody. Power from their album can kick your ass. Summing up, this Spanish band creates excellent music & they prove that they can to play fantastic powerful songs of heartful Rock & Metal. Every song on this CD is more than worth a listen. All of the album is full of melody & well-done musically! They put inside this CD their experience and play music with passion. They are magical. Highly recommended to every Symphonic / Gothic Metal fan! EMBERSLAND has their very well recognised style and I love them so much!

5 Star Rating

1. Sunrise (Part II)
2. Closer
3. Hope
4. WTF…Fuck Off!
5. Where are You
6. The Mirror of Your Soul
7. Deadweight
8. Be There for Me
9. When I Die
Will - Vocals
May - Vocals
Xavi - Vocals & Keyboards
Jordi - Drums & Percussion
Victor - Bass
Jimmy - Guitars
Record Label: Independent


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