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Embodiment - Paligenesis Award winner

by Laura Glover at 22 April 2020, 4:38 AM

EMBODIMENT releases their sophomore album, “Palingenesis”, on April 24, 2020. Be ready for some scathing metal riffs and breakdowns, as well as brutal vocals. The UK born death metal band includes technical elements with savage vocals and musical elements. This talented group of four have opened for some big names over the course of time since the bands conception; such as THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, CATTLE DECAPITATION, and others. With passion and artistry this band is on a fast track to being a well-known favorite of many heavy metalers. The album itself was produced well; everything plays so perfectly with each part. The album boasts many amazing breakdowns and blast beats, face melting vocals, and perfect accompaniment from bass and drums. While not a long album at 35 minutes, it does not disappoint in any fashion. The technical melodies enrich the sound and add such depth to the epically played guitar.

Reverence Through Disgust - Rolling softly into heavier blast beats, the vocals in this song take over with that deep, growly tone. Then the guitar yanks you back, as if an angry lover jealous of another's affection. Outbreak - Starting hard and fast, this song dives right into the heart of death metal. Scorching vocals lead the way into the depths of hellish madness. Dark and full of angst, this song leads you on a journey to the darkness within. Rise of the Oppressor - Hauntingly we are met with lush piano notes in this interlude. Anticipation building notes of utter despair.

Point of Descendance - Technical notes, to hard blast beats. Notes that leave you breathless. Vocals echoing the rage within. The layers in this song mesh well together and produce an epic combination of new and old metal styles. Masquerades (The Delusion) - Boldly arising in the dark mists of suffering arise this powerful wail of need. For the dark dissolution of your very soul. Words of spent pain echo down hallways of melodies. Cenogenesis - I always have a favorite song on an album, and this is my favorite on this one. Glorious piano entry to technical keynotes, rolling into soft guitar. Deeply moving, fantastical notes remind one of a daydream. As a mood setter this song wins!

EMBODIMENT is a band not to be reckoned with. Deep, dark, powerful, lustful, and moving notes artfully played by each of the four members. Like a well-oiled machine, they work together precisely. I highly recommend this album to our readers. The heavier side of it will appeal to many who like the heavier side of metal, as well as the technical elements will appeal to the softer side.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 9
Production: 10

4 Star Rating

1. Reverence Through Disgust
2. Outbreak
3. Rise of the Opressor
4. Tyrant
5. Eternal Torment
6.  Masquerades (The Delusion)
7. Satisfaction in Extermination
8. Promotion
9. Cenogenesis
11. The Harvesting the Seeds of Vengeance
Finn Maxwell - Guitar
Leslie Preston - Drums
Harry Smithson - Vocals
Kieran Hogarty - Bass
Record Label: Independent


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