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Embryo - A Step Beyond Divinity Award winner

A Step Beyond Divinity
by Clarissa "Wulf" Wright at 29 January 2018, 8:09 AM

EMBRYO was born in 20000, bringing into the world brutal Death Metal, combined with atmospheric elements, retaining a technical but old school sound. After releasing three albums previously, and performing alongside artists such as NILE and TRIBULATION, EMBRYO then released their latest album “A step beyond divinity” last year, on November 24th to the planet.

“The Same Difference” drew me in with a melodic, sustained synth. Soon after this intro, deep vocal take center stage, along with heavy, technical riffs. The guitars eventually follow the chord of sequences of the synth that continued on from the beginning, as vocals step up in range, with higher, emotional harsh outcries. “Overwhelming Your Disgust” gallops in rhythm like a machine gun, with heavy riffs and fast hitting systematic drums blasts. By comparison, “Painting Death” seems slower from the beginning, as the vocals emphasize some dark emotions through the lyrics. Guitars circulate in a sustained ominous sound, then shifting into intricate guitar solos higher up the fretboard.

“Solitaria 1519” begins with a mysteriously, uneasy soundscape, with sustained synth, the sound of rustling and the recording of a woman’s chant. Abruptly, technical grinding makes a chaotic entrance, with an instrumental speed and strained vocals that sound much more ‘metalcore’ in style than previously heard so far. The odd break downs make their way into a more melodic unfurling of sound, complemented with synth, with a return of the deep gutsy vocals we were familiar with. Soon, the ‘metalcore’ harsh shouts return. The two vocal styles overlap and contrast, out-bursting different kinds of emotion. An instrumental interlude gives the vocalist, and listener a breather, to gasp some oxygen before chaos creeps back in for the finale.

“Bastard of the Brood” goes straight into the full band, in a rhythmic systematic wave-like momentum. Tight break downs of guitars and drums make sharp interludes. “Witness of Your Life” continues the heavy crashing wave, though lined with the odd touch of what sounds like piano, for two notes, highlighting the upsurge of this song’s dark and persistent melody. Beginning with suspense (as expected in a horror film) the “The Horror Carved” leads straight into the drilling of a mechanical display of technical heaviness, with subtle female choir vocals highlighting the odd note of the dense chord sequences. Vocals are as deep as an endless pit in the ground. For me personally, I’d call this the most impressive song on the album, particularly for the drumming and accuracy of the whole band, transitioning in both technical intricacy and weightiness.

EMBRYO manage to defy the pureness of divinity in “A Step Beyond Divinity”. A technically heavy and tight performance of the full band, with fluent song structures that are given substance with thoughtful melodies and chord progressions, sometimes supported with the synth. This album seems well recorded also, and should appeal to the ears of fans in both melodic death metal, and brutal death metal.

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 9
Memorability: 9
Production 10

5 Star Rating

1. The Same Difference
2. Overwhelming Your Disgust
3. Vanguard for the Blind
4. Painting Death
5. Looking for the Divine
6. Solitaria 1519
7. Leonardo
8. The Greatest Plan
9. Bastard of the Brood
10. Mouth of Shame
11. Witness of Your Life
12. The Horror Carved
Roberto Pasolini - Vocals
Eugenio Sambasile - Guitars
Bass Simone Solla - Keyboards
Enea Passarella - Drums
Record Label: Art Gates Records


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