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Emerald Sun - Kingdom of Gods

Emerald Sun
Kingdom of Gods
by Metal Wim at 31 January 2022, 11:39 PM

The Greek band Symphonic Power Metal EMERALD SUN has been around since 1998 and have built up a rather impressive catalogue and following throughout all these 24 years. They have just released their sixth full length album called “Kingdom Of Gods”. For me this is the first time that I have encountered the band, and I have to admit it has been quite the revelation.

The reason being that once I started listening to “Kingdom Of Gods” I envisioned the band only having one guitarist, as the stereo sounding guitars sound exactly the same on both sides. Plus, it feels like they have been doubled in the studio instead of being played by two people. Worse even, the singer is doing it wrong. He has quite a pleasant voice when he sings low, a bit of an annoying one when he goes really high, but a brilliant one when he sings in between those two. That’s when Stelios „Theo“ Tsakiridis really shines. The gravelly tones that he forms remind me of a young Axl Rose, and they fit the music the best.

The over-the-top harmony vocals done by the band are an acquired taste, and I have missed out on that one. But the real humdinger is that metal, whatever genre, needs to be rough, punch you in your core, pierce through any defence. Sorry, but “Kingdom Of Gods” is about as sharp as a ben wa ball. It’s too smooth, too calculated, too bland. And it really doesn’t have to be, as the songs are quite good, the music is more than adequate and the musicians are very well versed in translating this into good songs.

EMERALD SUN has a basic sound that will remind you of warriors standing tall with their sword held high, but with the production they have given “Kingdom Of Gods”, that sword is just a toy one. Maybe I am being quite harsh, but I can’t help but think that EMERALD SUN could have made a hell of a bigger impact if they would have had the proper kind of production. If you want an example as how it could have been done, just listen to the debut of STEEL SHOCK called “For Metal To Battle”. Or any of the early releases by MANOWAR. Rough, direct and in your face, that is how EMERALD SUN in general, and “Kingdom Of Gods” especially should sound.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 4
Production: 6

3 Star Rating

1. The Book of Genesis
2. Heroes on the Rise
3. Hellbound
4. Legions of Doom
5. Gaia
6. Kingdom of Gods
7. Raise Hell
8. The Hunter
9. We W!ll Die on our Feet
10. Where Warriors Belong
Stelios “Theo” Tsakiridis – Vocals
Fotis Toumanidis – Bass
Teo Savage - Guitars
Pavlos Georgiadis – Guitar
Nick Kaklanis - Drums
Record Label: El Puerto Records


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