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Emergency Gate - You

Emergency Gate
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 24 January 2013, 3:36 PM

The decision to evolve marks an important step in every band's career, though upgrading skills, material and such have been considered worthy and even recommended around most circles, there have been let downs, awful failures sinking down with experiments barely holding for next releases or merely not too accepted by the band based that was built by earlier efforts. I can't say that the unfortunate came to EMERGENCY GATE from Germany. For years the band have been constantly swaying back and forth between modern melodic Death Metal and Metalcore, which have been producing moderate outputs (Nearly three years ago I had the chance to survey their previous album "The Nemesis Construct", via Twilight Zone Records), made a few adjustments, broaden their music a bit and got a better result with their new album, "You", via Golden Core Records. I sensed lots of strong negative emotions of regrets, inner struggles, pain but also wish to fight against all odds within this release, which along with its straightforward type, but a bit progressed than before, of Metal music, had an effect.

"You" didn't display a totally different version of EMERGENCY GATE; nonetheless, it showed improvements on the songs. Whether a bit more diverse riffing, a somewhat step back, from the monotonic Metalcore breakdowns and the genre's damn so common grooves letting a few other elements of Alternative Metal to come out and play their magic, well composed solos that had a few crisp Rock and somewhat traditional Metal influences, better served production, highly performed and constituted vocal line (growls, screamos, and clean vocals), solid keyboards (though sometimes too much modern with their effects), inspiring rhythm section, and above all there is quite a passion and will to improve in order to become unique than the rest of the bands following the equivalent fermentation. All in all, I can't really acknowledge that EMERGENCY GATE have been trialing with their music, but thinking about it, they added the little things and small identities to several of their songs in order to let the Metalhead listening travel numerous worlds in the same time.

The catchy tuned "Lean On Words" and "Back From The Grave" had the latest implementations of the late SENTENCED, such a fine cold Finnish suicidal slamming contemporary Metal infused with a few Alternative Rock and so called Death Metal features. Though still harboring the same type of Metalcore riffing that just won't seem to diminish as it seemed to be used on the verses, along with singed melodies, EMERGENCY GATE devoured with their choruses, well produced in particular the vocal work. "Say Goodbye", such a sophisticated and elegant example of a show of force along with a serene atmosphere. Of course that there are heavier points that once again emphasize the band's brutally violent nature, but also intense emotional motif that was quite enticing, but in general a multi-dimensional song, filled with attempts to run away from the cliché's of modern Metal. "Force United" is one of the better examples of melodic Death Metal of nowadays. It is attacking with tremendous speed, a charging onslaught of the main riff, crushing anything in its path without mercy. However, and it is mainly for this track alone, its chorus is hearty and inspiring without the sort of divine vocal demonstration. "rEvolution" seemed to me as semi everything, ranging various of influences, a pretty promising track with a clear message, fight for your right to be creative.

There might have been let downs like the low rated "Feeling Inside" that sounded too banal or "Moshpit" and "You", which seemed to me as worst single for this album, clearly not doing the album the justice it needs in order to be better promoted, yet I believe that this time EMERGENCY GATE did it and got through with a good release worthy of the world's attention. Modern Metal might have ruined melodic Death Metal, as it should be played, but only a few can make the best of it. Take an example from this band right here.

3 Star Rating

1. Mindfuck
2. Force United
3. Moshpit
4. Feeling Inside
5. Liar's Truth
6. Breathless
7. rEvolution
8. You
9. Lean On Words
10. Regret
11. Back From TheGrave
12. Say Goodbye
Matthias Kupka- Vocals
Vlad Doose- Guitars
Udo Simon- Guitars
Mario Lochert- Bass
Daniel Schmidle- Synth
Chris Widmann- Drums
Record Label: Golden Core Records


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