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Emergency Gate - Remembrance - The Early Days

Emergency Gate
Remembrance - The Early Days
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 06 February 2012, 11:41 PM

After I infused myself to this EP I asked myself how this band allowed this material to go unpublished, needless to say unrecorded. I know that in many cases bands tend to drop compositions that weren't possibly suited to releases that came out or just preferred to preserve material in cases when it will be hard for them to write something worthy. Nevertheless, in the case of EMERGENCY GATE from Germany, these tracks, the leftovers of the past that didn't receive a rightful recognition, should have been out years ago, especially as enhancers to their previous release of 2010 that didn't present the band in a gleaming light.

On the other hand, for whomever that was disappointed of the last release, like me for instance, would probably be grateful for this opportunity to listen to the better side of EMERGENCY GATE. Through the six tracks of "Remembrance - The Early Days", via Twilight Zone Records, I was evident to the different musical directions that EMERGENCY GATE contemplated for usage. Aside to their initial connection to the modern end of melodic Death Metal and Metalcore, the other chick of what sounded like Gothic / Doom followed by a few elements taken from modern Hard Rock, which reminded me of SENTENCED and POISONBLACK, seemed to be quite an appetizer that did only good.

The main attribute that provided an advantage for the band was the easy listening factor. You may call it catchiness but I don’t deem the term, in their case, as cheap. You probably won't agree with me after listening to the closing ballad of "Closing My Eyes" that is a rare occasion where EMERGENCY GATE joined the Power Ballad club. However, it was quite refreshing to listen to this kind of gentleness from these tough dudes. When it comes to rough nature, the first four tracks, while "Silent Death" and "Searching For Angel" commanding at the helm, EMERGENCY GATE showed aggression with melodies, assorted vocals and great fretwork.

"Remembrance - The Early Days"'s pattern should become the guiding light of this band. These songs made me think differently of this band and I hope that all you disappointed folks out there would join me in the same thought.

4 Star Rating

1. Flawless Victory
2. Searching For An Angel
3. Silent Death
4. Lipstick
5. Forest Of The Lost
6. Closing My Eyes 
Matthias Kupka- Vocals
Vladi Doose- Guitars
Udo Simon- Guitars
Mario Lochert- Bass
Daniel Schmidle- Keyboards
Raphael Saini- Drums
Record Label: Twilight Zone Records


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