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Emil Bulls - The Black Path (CD)

Emil Bulls
The Black Path
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 06 May 2008, 1:32 AM

It has been some time since I have received a promo from the German label Drakkar Entertainment. The once upon a time glorious label has ended up releasing only modern and catchy bands that as they believe have many things to offer to the Metal (?!) scene. I guess that when they were young their parents never told them what exactly is Metal. It is kind of logical that these guys are confused…
This is the band's fifth full-length studio album if I am not mistaken, but as it seems these guys haven't been bored of trying to sound rough and aggressive when they can't even understand what is it that they play. The funny thing is that their biography mentions that this album was recorded after four other successful studio albums, but the Discography section mentions only this release.
So, EMIL BULLS is a band that tries to mix Nu Metal with catchy Rock melodies. I could say that they may remind you of bands like ADEMA and DRY KILL LOGIC a bit, but at least DRY KILL LOGIC are way more serious. Since EMIL BULLS have so much experience with several studio albums, touring etc, I believe they should have found and developed their sound; what I hear in The Black Path is something that has not been taken care of as much as it should and a singer that screams really nice, but sounds like an emo shithead when singing melodically.
I really don't want to offend the band. I just can't stand a band that tries to be Metal when it is more than obvious that this Alternative Rock/Emo music would fit them like a glove. If you try to sound like CALIBAN, try harder mates…

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The Black Path (Intro)
To End All Wars
The Most Evil Spell
All In Tune With The Universe
Pledge Allegiance To The Damned (The Unseen One)
Collapsed Memorials
Close To The Wind
Worlds Apart
Pure Anger (The Hex)
Cigarette Scars
Glad To Be With You Again
Cristoph Von Freydorf - Vocals
Chrissy Schneider - Guitar
Stephan Moik Karl - Guitar
James Richardson - Bass
Fabian Fuss - Drums
Record Label: Drakkar Entertainment


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