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Emmure - Hindsight Award winner

by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 13 August 2020, 4:31 AM

Metalcore still suffers a lot in the hand of Old School Metalheads (those that are old to see the 80’s, and those who came after, but are in love with the 80’s as well). Honestly: maybe in 15-20 years, the same will happen with the generations to come (as it happened with Thrash Metal, Black Metal and Death Metal in the hands of those used to Heavy Metal and Hard Rock from the 70’s). And it’s not fair with the bands. You can like them or not, it’s your right, but you must have in mind that they have a reason to exist: to bring Metal to the future. These words must be clean to have a clear idea what the North American quartet EMMURE is up to with “Hindsight”.

It’s massive mix between Metalcore, Djent Metal and New Metal influences, but with tons of weight tempered with Groove and even Hardcore (clear with HATEBREED influences) and Rapcore parts. It’s truly and abusively heavy and have a smashing impact, but with very good harmonies and a hooking modern outfit. It’s very good, and this massive energy that flows from their music is really excellent. On the sound production, a brutal, crunching and clean sonority, with that greasy and abrasive instrumental tunes that are extremely usual on this specific musical genre. Everything can be clearly understood, but the sound impact is extreme. It means that beware with your ears when hearing to this album!

Their efforts on music creates 13 short songs (none of them last more than 4 minutes), and all of them have its own value.  “(F)inally (U)nderstanding (N)othing” is filled with nasty groove and some Rapcore parts (due the vocals), but it’s catchy in a way that’s impossible to resist, and the same appears again on “Pigs Ear” (filled with groovy breakdowns). On “Gypsy Disco”, Rap vocals with extreme moments appears, always filled with nasty electronic effects. Nasty slow parts with that noisy and bitter feeling are the elements that fill “I’ve Scene God” (this one shows fine guitars), and the same can be found on the aggressive “Persona Non Grata”. Chaos and Industrial Metal melodies arise on “Pan’s Dream” and “203” reinforcing its modern energy. And the traumatic tempos of “Action 52” (bass and drums creating very good rhythmic conductions) are the best shots of the album.

EMMURE’s music is not so easy to deal with many conceptions occupying the thoughts of the listeners, so be open-minded and give a try on “Hindsight”. But if you’re already a fan of the genre, dive in!

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. (F)inally (U)nderstanding (N)othing
2. Trash Folder
3. Pigs Ear
4. Gypsy Disco
5. I’ve Scene God
6. Persona Non Grata
7. Thunder Mouth
8. Pan’s Dream
9. 203
10. Informal Butterflies
11. Action 52
12. Bastard Ritual
13. Uncontrollable Descent
Frankie Palmeri - Vocals
Joshua Travis - Guitars, Programming
Nicholas Pyatt - Bass
Josh “Baby J” Miller - Drums
Record Label: SharpTone Records


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