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Empire Warning – Unite & Die Award winner

Empire Warning
Unite & Die
by Jojo "Rocket Queen" Hamilton at 21 February 2020, 9:35 AM

EMPIRE WARNING is a 5 man band from London who have released the new EP “Unite & Die”. The EP is self released and as of yet the band remain unsigned. This could change in time, I assume they have not found the right label to work with yet. Among the band influences are MOTORHEAD, BLACK SABBATH, THIN LIZZY and LAMB OF GOD to name a few. The band have been together since 2010 and now 10 years into the journey, we hear the new EP “Unite & Die.” There are 4 songs on the new EP to sink your teeth into. It’s a fairly heavy EP with some growling vocals and thrashing guitars and heavy beaten drums to match. Back in 2013 they released the debut EP “Heil To The Rat King” so this is their second EP to date. Each brings their own to the band but they do indeed stand as an empire together. So lets go over the 4 songs on the new EP.

The song opening the EP is called “Heil To The Rat King” which opens with a flurry of heavy riffs on guitars and a drumbeat before the vocals kick in from Elsio Torcato bringing it all together. This gives us a taster of what the EP has to bring. A clean cut heaviness that shows no mercy on the ear drums. Song number 2 is “Stuck”. It’s certainly not stuck as it glides it’s way into the EP. The sizzling opening instrumentals are heavy & harsh and the vocals kicking in are on point and on form. It’s a track to get head banging to and has a definite swing your hair feel to it. Song number 3 is “Take From Me”, which does indeed take from me a new appreciation for a band I hadn’t previously known. It’s catchy, fast paced and take from the listener a sense of aspiration at how well the riffs are played and met alongside the beating of the drums at such an intense pace. It all just fits together. Closing the EP we have song number 4 “Verge Of Insanity.”  It takes us to that place with the intense lyrics coming to grab us by the short & curlys as the song rips open a new level of heavy. It’s an EP worthy of turning up loud enough for the neighbours to hear!

Overall I enjoyed the EP “Unite & Die” and have to say it sounds like a lot of hard work, blood sweat & tears have gone into the writing of both the lyrics and the music on this EP. The band may yet be unsigned, but it’s only a matter of time before they find their feet with the right label. I’d say the EP is definitely worth cranking up the stereo for and it’s a good EP for anyone who doesn’t know the band to sample their wares and will not disappoint. I for one will be following EMPIRE WARNING on my Spotify to see where they take us next on their journey and will be looking forward to the release of a debut album in the future.

Songwriting 9
Musicianship 9
Memorability 8
Production 9

4 Star Rating

1. Heil To The Rat King
2. Stuck
3. Take From Me
4. Verge Of Insanity
Elsio Torcato - Vocals
Ben William Stratford - Lead Guitar
Grant McCallum - Lead Guitar
Adam Glen - Bass
Jordan Turner - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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