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Empires Of Eden- Architect Of Hope Award winner

Emipres Of Eden
Achitect Of Hope
by Matt Coe at 10 June 2015, 6:18 PM

Over the past decade the Melodic Power Metal scene has been very potent outside of European lands, and a wealth of quality bands are arising from Australia these days. One of the acts gaining a lot of attention since their 2008 inception is Sydney’s EMPIRES OF EDEN. Mastermind Stu Marshall assembles a top-notch singer troop to handle these 9 songs, as “Architect Of Hope” is the fourth studio album, intertwining some of his favorite guests from the past as well as newcomers in the hopes of delivering a diverse, upper echelon final product.

Nine different singers that to my ears suit the individual songs nicely, offering dynamic versatility right out of the gate as Rick Altzi gets to use more of his RAINBOW-oriented pipes on the 6:08 opener “Vanish In The Light”, while PRIMAL FEAR vocalist Ralf Scheepers excels on the heads down speedier title track anthem. The lead breaks are energetic, often molding arpeggios and sweep techniques in a Neo-Classical meets Power Metal fusion – check out “Push The Limits” and “Killing As One” for work that rivals Malmsteen, Blackmore, and others in that elite axe class.

The album closes on another epic note with “Holy Pharoah” – the intro strains featuring a dark narrative element while the music builds on a DIO/BLACK SABBATH front – Mike DiMeo using his comfortable bluesy register to deliver the words in a mountain top, emotive manner. Keeping the album at a relatively tidy 45 minutes gives the listener more of a chance to dig deeper into the songwriting and performances – which along with the visually impressive cover art put EMPIRES OF EDEN on par with the best in the business.

When you have the tools and ability plus prove your worth through previous discography, it’s easier to get other artists on board to see what can develop. “Architect Of Hope” for my money is the best EMPIRES OF EDEN record to date- those who savor Melodic Power Metal with the best vocalists in that scene should run to their nearest outlet to get this.

4 Star Rating

1. Vanish in the Light
2. Architect of Hope
3. Push the Limits
4. Taken
5. Weaponize
6. Six Feet Under
7. Killing As One
8. Silent Hell
9. Holy Pharoah
Stu Marshall – Guitars & Bass & Orchestral Arrangements
Jasix – Drums
Rick Altzi – Vocals Track One
Ralf Scheepers – Vocals Track Two
Tony Webster – Vocals Track Three
George Call – Vocals Track Four
Carlos Zema – Vocals Track Five
Jeff Martin – Vocals Track Six
Mike Cotoia – Vocals Track Seven
Raphael Dantas – Vocals Track Eight
Mike DiMeo – Vocals Track Nine
Record Label: Melodic Rock Records


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