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Empires Of Eden – Reborn In Fire

Empires Of Eden
Reborn In Fire
by Maria Kallinikou at 18 June 2010, 11:06 AM

How many guest vocalists should take part in a project in order to “work”? Guitarist Stu Marshall came up with the, not so singular, idea of releasing an album with guest appearances. In the “Reborn In Fire” CD Zak Stevens (SAVATAGE, CIRCLE II CIRCLE), Steve Grimmet (GRIM REAPER, ONSLAUGHT),Mike Vescera (LOUDNESS), Sean Peck (CAGE) and Carlos Zema (OUTWORLD) are dressing tracks with their vocals.

By seeing these names taking part in such a release, I was more than eager to hearing this album. So here I am ready to press play and start the trip. “Of Light And Shadows” enters, powerfully with progressive lines that sometimes bring to mind HELLOWEEN, while the solo reminded me a lot of JAG PANZER, mostly from the “Fourth Judgement” era. Likewise, “Enter The Storm” continues with some STRATOVARIOUS influences. “Total Devastation” slightly offers some classic US heavy parts. “Prognatus Ut Obscurum” with the warm voice of Zak Stevens, which is hard to detach from SAVATAGE and CIRCLE II CIRCLE, seems a bit alien in one’s ears in this song and the sound is far from what we are used to. With Steve Grimmet in “Beyond Daybreak” the same thing happens, as the production should have put the vocals a notch up; here the bass-drums combo is a bit annoying.

The whole album makes me feel the existence of the following mentality: “Yes, we have a new album and great guest singers, but anyway listen to our skillful musicians”. Even the next songs, “Death Machine” and “Rising” are sounding a bit the same. The solos are exactly the same in every song. Same effect, same technique, it is drilling you mind. The solos are fast, but I guess any guitarist can play a scale fast and that is it. Nothing that attracts your mind, it is a bunch of notes played really fast. If that is what you ask from a solo, then it's fair enough.

The production, as already mentioned, could be better. The vocal lines are low, and there are some mistakes in the first couple of tracks. The percussion is monotonous, the guitars the same. With all the respect to the participants, with all the respect to their discography, the compositions could be far better. At the end, I just found myself wishing that the solos would have had the technique of JAG PANZER, they just had the same effect actually.

P.S.: When you listen to this album and find as well that is not that special after all, put instantly some GRIM REAPER. “Lust For Freedom” works!!!

2 Star Rating

  1. Of Light And Shadows
  2. Enter The Storm
  3. Total Devastation
  4. Prognatus Ut Obscurum
  5. Reborn In Fire
  6. Beyond Daybreak
  7. Death Machine
  8. Rising
  9. Searching Within
Mike Vescara, Sean Peck, Zak Stevens, Mike Zoias, Steve Grimmet, Carlos Zema - Guest Vocals
Stu Marshall – Guitars, Bass, Orchestra
Bobby Williamson – Keyboards
Louie Gorgievski – Additional Harmonies
Jasix - Drums
Record Label: 7Hard


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