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Empty Tremor - Slice of Live - 20th Anniversary Acoustic Evening Award winner

Empty Tremor
Slice of Live - 20th Anniversary Acoustic Evening
by Eldad “Blacknasa” Stainbook at 24 May 2015, 12:15 AM

The band was formed in 1993 under the name of NOISE POLLUTION by drummer Stefano Ruzzi (at that time 14 years of age), guitarist Christian Tombetti (15 years), bassist Dennis Randi (16 years), guitarist Marco Guerrini (12 years) and singer Davide De Paoli. Together they covered songs by METALLICA, GUNS N 'ROSES, PINK FLOYD and LED ZEPPELIN. A short time later came keyboardist Daniele Liverani and they started with writing their own songs. In 1995 the group changed its name to EMPTY TREMOR to where Matteo Babini was now the new singer, and recorded their first demo Apocolokyntosys. In 1996 singer Gio De Luigi joined the camp, after which the band has developed new songs. the debut album Apocolokyntosys created in 1997.

From 1997 EMPTY TREMOR , released three more albums, the band got some great reviews regarding their albums and like many other Prog rock and metal bands didn’t release albums every year, however five years after their last album ,the gang decided to release the “Slice of Live - 20th Anniversary Acoustic Evening”. As the name implies, it’s the 20th years anniversary for the band that was formed in the eve of 1994, the album “Slice of Live - 20th Anniversary Acoustic Evening” is a live album. It’s very hard to review an live album, first in my case because I don’t know the band and their songs; second, the key word is right there, meaning you have to be there to get the atmosphere and sound; ether-way I will do my best to transfer the sounds and atmosphere I got from EMPTY TREMOR’s anniversary album.

“Slice of Live - 20th Anniversary Acoustic Evening” has thirteen tracks, however because it is a live show all tracks are long, mainly by adding some long solo parts and some interaction with the crowed. All of the live show, as the name implies, is an acoustic one; I’m a big fun of metal bands that do acoustic shows, mainly because it takes the roughness and makes everything into a ballad, even the speedy tracks. Both vocalists in the album are doing great job: Giovanni De Luigi and Marco Guerrini, their voices don’t clash and create an amazing harmony between the voices, furthermore the recording is very good and most of the time you don’t hear any interference from the crowd, other than them clapping.

The album is over 70 min; it’s very hard for me to give any score for albums like that however I will have to dub it a masterpiece. Bugger, I’m a sucker of acoustic guitar and harmonica vocals, by the way don’t be ashamed to say that EMPTY TREMOR anniversary album reminds you of bands like URIAH HEEP and JETHRO TULL, at least that what I got from the live show and I have seen both acts live.

5 Star Rating

1. The Eyes of Universe
2 .Slice of Life
3. To Lose You Forever
4. Lost in the Past
5. Outside
6. Star
7. Another Day (Dream Theater cover)
8. I Found You
9. Stay
10. Waiting for You
11. Everyday
12. The Ballad of Life
13. Warm Embrace
Giovanni De Luigi - Lead & Back Vocals
Marco Guerrini - Lead & Rhythm Guitars
Marco Scott Gilardi - Keyboards & back Vocals
Christian Tombetti - Lead & Rhythm Guitars
Dennis Randi - Bass
Stefano Ruzzi - Drums & Percussions
Record Label: SG Records


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