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Empyreal Destroyer - The Destroyer (EP) (CD)

Empyreal Destroyer
The Destroyer (EP)
by Yiannis Doukas at 02 December 2007, 3:18 PM

This is a very new band from London, basically their first demo was out a year before, together with the Chaos Torrent EP. The Destroyer is a self release, containing four tracks with a strange musical style, somewhere between power metal with DRAGONFORCE influences and black metal vocals.
The first (self titled) track has a nice intro, good riffing ideas that will remind you of the power metal scene but I think the vocals cannot stuck with the music. Hearing happy themes on guitar and a guy screaming above making me laugh. Inverted Circles has better riffing and it's clear that the band has some good ideas in songwriting.
On the other hand, the hunting Humans is apathetic except for some vocal differences that are more inspired than the previous two songs. Same things goes in the last track, including more speed - like grind - moments combined with mid tempo, while some nice leads making it more sympathetic.
If I must find one band to compare them I would say the Japanese SIGH, without the keys and the atmosphere and some inspiration levels down. The good elements are turning this EP from bad into a mediocre release and I guess we have to wait for something better…

2 Star Rating

The Destroyer
Inverted Circles
Hunting Humans
Five Wounds
Shadow Venger - Lead Guitars
Ryzrx R'lyeh - Drums
Cyclonis Niyil - Ka - Vocals, Bass
Nordrus - Rhythm Guitars
Record Label: Self Released


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