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Empyrios - Zion

by Cameron Ervin at 28 March 2013, 4:16 PM

The argument whether or not Djent should be considered a genre is plastered all over the internet and is getting quite annoying to tell the truth. Luckily I’m not here to talk about that, I’m here to tell you that EMPYRIOS creates very entertaining Progressive Metal with Djent like guitar tones and rhythms. “Zion” is an album for all you Prog / Djent enthusiasts. This record has plenty of heavy chugging riffs, groovy rhythms, and even a few dub steps like electronic breakdowns. The production of this record is pretty good; I didn’t have trouble hearing any sections of the mix. The only instrument that I had difficulty hearing was the bass but that’s probably due to the low down tuned guitars that held an overwhelming presence on this album. The tone of the guitar is crushing, sludgy, heavy, thick, and chunky! I could go on but this isn’t a review about guitar tone. While the guitar tone is very satisfying the skill Simone Mularoni possesses is equally impressive.

The unique riffs and rhythms on this album are groovy and make it easy to nod your head right along with the music. There are a few solos to be found on “Zion” and each one is half decent. The solos actually stood out and grabbed my attention. Listen to the guitar solo from “Nescience”, the solo guitar cuts through and stands out front to make sure you don’t miss it. EMPYRIOS likes to add bits of electronic effects here and there over the course of the entire record. Most of the effects are added right alongside the riffs making for a most interesting sound combination. The track “Masters” has a total dub step break down. I don’t really care for dub step but somehow they made this little electronic interlude mesh very well with the rest of the song. The vocals on this album are fairly decent and range from clean and catchy to low and growling. Both styles of vocals are handled very well in my opinion. The percussion section would have been better if they didn’t mix it along with electronic beats one would hear in a pop song. The drummer sounded like he had lots of potential but too often he was replaced by a computer generated beat program. When Dario Ciccioni was playing he seemed to utilize his entire set. His foot work seemed to match that of the guitar player’s syncopation on many riffs which is quite a feat in itself. The overall sound of the percussion section was very robust and full sounding; in fact the entire “Zion” album holds a very thick, full sound.

All in all this record isn’t half bad and it’s pretty groovy. I listened to it numerous times and it still held a new edge every time I put it on for a play through. I’m not one for electronic elements in my metal music but on “Zion” it wasn’t all that bad, it actually sounded like it was supposed to be there. 

4 Star Rating

1. Nescience
2. Domino
3. Masters
4. Reverie
5. Unplugged
6. Renovation
7. Wormhole
8. Square One
9. Zion
10. Blackmail
11. Madman
Simone "Sym" Bertozzi - Bass
Dario Ciccioni - Drums
Simone Mularoni - Guitars
Silvio Mancini – Vocals
Record Label: Scarlet Records


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