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Enbound - And She Says Gold

And She Says Gold
by Jonathan Maphet at 16 March 2011, 5:46 PM

ENBOUND,according to their bio sheet is a melodic power metal band from Sweden. Where I disagree with the bio is the “power metal” part. Sure, there are elements of it present, but as a whole, the record is too mellow to jarring in places to accurately be described as power metal.  There are too many ballads and a cover of the Michael Jackson song “Beat It” totally ruins it for me. You don’t proclaim yourself to be a power metal band and then turn right around and cover Michael Jackson. I mean, what is the point? Thriller has sold more copies worldwide than any other studio album in the history of the world. Do they really think anyone wants to hear yet another version of that song from that album? Not even Quincy Jones wants to hear it! Also, what’s with all the ballads? Do you think a radio station is going to see a band listed as “power metal” and dig through the disc hoping to find the next big hit single? I hardly think so.

As far as the production goes, it is very good. It is clean and clear. The vocalist has great voice..There’s no rasping or croaking from the strain. Hopefully he will be allowed to make a true metal album in the future. Also, the playing is solid all around. I don’t mean to suggest that there are no power metal moments whatsoever on the album, but when they are broken up mid stride with a slow piano interlude; I think to myself, “What was the point of that”?  It simply confounds me how so many songs can have a nice pleasant mid tempo pace going and then just suddenly stop and change into something else before going back to the pace the song began with. To me, it is just too jarring and takes you out of the moment. I don’t think power metal as a genre is intended to keep you guessing. A label is a label for a reason. Let’s just say for the sake of argument that you are to label a cake you are selling as fluffy and soft, but as soon as you bite into it, it’s hard as a rock, is that a proper representation of the product? No it isn’t, and there is no reason to do such a thing.

Listening to this album is frustrating on so many levels because I know the talent is there. In the past, I have seen many bands claim that their current album is their “heaviest album yet”, and I believe they do this because they know that is what the fans expect. Perhaps that lesson is yet to be learned by ENBOUND. They did get a few songs right, but not enough to salvage the product as a whole. For example, the song “Shifting Gears” starts out almost as a thrash song, but as it is with so many of the songs, it drops to a screeching halt and slows down before changing once again. I think they key element lacking in this project is “focus”. Or maybe even, “Cohesion”. If you can handle complete and other schizophrenic time signature changes, then maybe you can tolerate this album more than I can. I think I have explained my stance thoroughly.  I would recommend staying away from this one. As much as I hate to give negative reviews, sometimes it cannot be helped.

2 Star Rating

01. Combined The Souls
02. Descending
03. Noiseless Bullet
04. Squeals Of War
05. Frozen To Be (Feat. LaGaylia Frazier)
06. Under A Spell
07. Untitled X
08. I Am Lost To You
09. Shifting Gears
10. Love Has Come
11. The Broken Heart
12. Running Free
13. Me and Desire
14. Beat It (European bonus track)
Marvin Flowberg – Guitar
Lee Hunter – Vocals
Mike Force – Drums
Swede – Bass
Record Label: Inner Wound Recordings


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