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End Of Days - A World Reborn

End Of Days
A World Reborn
by Ben Gardiner at 10 January 2022, 10:21 PM

An intoxicating mix of Death, Metalcore and Doom, END OF DAYS mean business with their mighty sound. The Australian metallers boast great production, instrumentation and song writing and demonstrate a predilection for the heavier side of things. The production takes a rawer approach compared to others in this genre, which adds to the scrappy, punky atmosphere and the instrumentation is loaded with groove whilst being heavy and pushing. There is anger in the bands message as they review the state of affairs in the world, and aggression channels through the low guitar tone, hard hitting drums and Sean Zatorky’s vocals.

Opening the first track with a sound bite from Mad Max, the band makes it clear they’re viewing the world through an apocalyptic lens, reinforcing this with the entry of a diabolical guitar riff and slow building hi-hat crashes. The muted, barely eligible vocals erupt in aggressive, low pitched screams, that nicely layer over the clean sung parts. The intro to the song is patient and powerful, a steady rise that progressively introduces elements for a focused and concise, as well as delightfully heavy opening track. The raw, naturalistic drum sounds are a highlight, with the punchy kick dominating the mix, in tandem with the deep guitar tones, the sound is brutal and skull shaking.

Whispers,” my personal top track, opens with a groovy drum beat over a slow, haunting guitar melody, once again opting to layer screamed vocals over clean for nice layering and density, a simple decision that adds so much to the sound. Whereas “Scare-American Dream” upped the pace and intensity for a punkier, more energetic venture, this song returns to the patient build up, to a payoff that is absolutely worth the downtime. The final half of the track is one long breakdown of earth shaking double pedal, sweeping, grandiose guitar riffs and a deeply passionate vocal performance. Increasing to double time after an insane tom drum build up, showing off the great cymbal sound with the steady quarter note, with the drum riffs and melody just getting increasingly cooler, it’s a wonderful, memorable section of music.

The title track rounds off the EP with a bang, a nonstop, high energy track that dips into Deathcore elements with shrill guitar tones, whilst staying grounded with the steady, clean drumming. The beginning of the song creates a nice contrast between technical guitar riffing and simplistic, pounding drums. Throwing in some fast-paced double bass and great vocals as the song goes on and it makes for a good, although uninspired finale track.

"A World Reborn" is an appropriately cynical, apocalyptic world take and a brilliant debut release from END OF WORLD thanks to its great production, wonderfully heavy instrumentation and all round passionate energy. Great performances from all the members, it’s aggressive, in your face, political and thoroughly enjoyable to listen to.

Musicianship:  7
Memorability: 7
Production: 8

3 Star Rating

1. E.O.D
2. Scare-American Dream
3. Whispers
4. Negative Answer
5. A World Reborn
Sean Zatorsky - Vocals
Tim Butler – Drums
Brock Wing Jan – Guitar
Tim Parkinson – Guitar
Record Label: Independent


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