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End Of Green - Void Estate

End Of Green
Void Estate
by Daniel ‘Dan Disorder’ Spizzirri at 24 September 2017, 10:37 PM

END OF GREEN is a unique outfit indeed; their sound seems to softly transgress between Metal, Alternative, Goth and mainstream Rock; with a long, drawn out dark emotion to it. The band hails from the German city of Stuttgart; and this is their ninth album titled “Void Estate” and it is released through Napalm Records. It begins with the slow, melancholic track, “Send in the Clowns”; although this is well written track, this emphasizes how well these musicians can explore and articulate emotion, it is a slow and bland introduction that kind of made me feel there should have been something more exciting before it so it had more of an impact. And from there, things just slow down…

It’s not until the third track, “The Door”, begins that the dark, mellow approach of the music as any effect on the listener. The drums have a delicate catchiness to them, the other instruments and the vocals set the remainder of the track on a continuously dreamy flow; To be honest the album didn’t really ‘start’ till this point.
And then again things just slow down again…

Look, there is no doubt in my mind that as a live act with mood lighting that END OF GREEN would be a significant musical force. There is a great deal of talent here, the vocals are rich and loaded with emotion, the lyrics are insightful; and the musicianship can boast many intricacies that would make award winning songwriters take notice. But the pace is so constantly slow that it is teetering on the edge of boring; another thing that is not doing this album any favours is endless metaphors of loss, loneliness, depression and feeling cold. I am aware that music of this sort is meant to explore and alleviate internalized anger and pain, but this doesn’t hit the mark; it’s more of a desperate need to find hope in slow motion.

If you were a fan of bands like TYPE O NEGATIVE, I’m sure you will love this; but for me it was just too much bleak emotion. But each to their own.

Song Writing: 6
Originality: 6
Memorability: 4
Production: 7

2 Star Rating

1. Send In The Clowns
2. Darkside of the Sun
3. The Door
4. Head Down
5. Crossroads
6. The Unseen
7. Dressed In Black Again
8. Mollodrome
9. Worn And Torn
10. City Of Broken Thoughts
11. Like A Stranger
Michelle Darkness - Vocals, Guitar
Rainier Sicone di Hampez - Bass
Lusiffer - Drums
Kerker - Guitar
Sad Sir - Guitar
Record Label: Napalm Records


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