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End of Silence - Sail to the Sunset

End of Silence
Sail to the Sunset
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 14 March 2019, 6:04 AM

END OF SILENCE was founded in 2008. Four young and purposeful musicians, who wanted to swim against the current and still do it today. Their way of playing music is neither mainstream nor subordinated to any kind of popular Genres. They strictly resist playing music the way everyone else does and this in a successful way. In 2011, they were rewarded for it. They won the qualifying round as well as the big final of the "Sprungfeder" Bandcontest at the concert house Schüür Lucerne. Not only a panel of experts, but also the audience has appointed END OF SILENCE as the winner of the contest. The money they won, was invested in their debut album "Sky Burns Red".

The next band contest in Aargau took place one week later. The won the qualifying round, and in the final round they reached a good rank two. For a long time, it was quiet around the boys, because the recordings took a lot of time and energy. But then the big CD Release Show in Lucerne took place, in a sold out Location. Finally, they were able to present their work to the public, with masses of good criticism. Many Shows on big and small stages, radio interviews and big demands, followed. Since 2017, the band is under contract with the Italian label WormHoleDeath and Aural Music and work together with the Swiss management B.V.M. In 2018, END OF SILENCE released the next album called "Sail To The Sunset", which was recorded at the RealSound Studio in Italy. The album contains thirteen tracks. Let’s get to some of the highlights.

“Lost and Free” is a little intro. There are indistinguished spoken words that build into a cadence as guitar joins in with the little melody. It segues into “Sail to the Sunset.” I get a Metalcore vibe from the vocals, which are fierce and ardent, and the sound is dark. Clean vocals provide some relief from the chaotic sound. The riff however moved with the rhythm of Nu Metal. It’s an interesting combination. “We are the Fallen, we are the Warriors” opens slowly and cautiously with the song title spoken four times, in an anthemic fashion. The dark rhythms are enhanced by a guitar solo that is done with taste.

“One of Those Days” opens with a Nu Metal cadence but fairly good rhythm section and riffing. The clean vocals…seem out of place a bit. I would scratch them altogether as they are not strong enough on their own to enhance the music. “Edge of the Road” has a soft and melancholy opening. This time, the clean vocals are spot on. The harsh vocals some in and take over pretty quickly, however. It has a nice emotional quality to it that you can hear echoes in the vocals and the music. “A Million Miles Away” opens with a heart guitar riff and doleful, gut-wrenching vocals. The riff picks up and it moved along pretty nicely. “Blind Hearts” opens with a nice riff and harsh vocals. It’s a mid-tempo song where the vocals take the forefront…perhaps a bit too overpowering. I would like to hear the instruments develop more.

“Save the World” closes the album. Another mid-temp song where the vocals dominate. It’s just a bit too much of a good thing. The clean vocals are done a little better here. Overall, I am not sure what do make of the album. Thirteen tracks are a lot to digest, especially considering that a lot of them sounded the same. Overall, it was on the unique side but at the same time lacked a definitive identity. The harsh vocals were just too much. They need to let the music develop some more and then they are on to something. It just wasn’t for me.

Songwriting: 5
Originality: 7
Memorability: 3
Production: 6

2 Star Rating

1. Lost and Free
2. Sail to the Sunset
3. Anchor
4. We are the Fallen, we are the Warriors
5. One of those Days
6. Mask of Doom
7. Unspoken Truth
8. Edge of the Road
9. A Million Miles Away
10. F*ck Off
11. Blind Hearts
12. Cross the Line
13. Save the World
Dan Näpflin  – Guitar
Thomas Stalder  – Drums
Andreas Egli  – Rhythm Guitar & Vocals
Mathias Bissig – Bass
Record Label: Wormhole Death Records


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