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Ende – Mörnöyr, Bienvenue En Terre Du Diable Award winner

Mörnöyr, Bienvenue En Terre Du Diable
by Will Travers at 30 January 2021, 9:34 PM

Here today we have the Black Metal duo of ENDE and their most recent release of “Mörnöyr”. The artwork for this album is a stereotypical black and white style, playing straight into genre stylings. The opening track “Verpe Macabre” is an ominous and foreboding piece, bringing desired atmosphere into the listeners ears. This precursor perfectly sets up “Les Nuits D’Octobre” with heavy aggressive riffs, a drumline that evolves to suit the various sections and the rough vocals of I. Lucifera to polish off the musical make up. The energy and aggression continues at a relentless level, curtailing off at the end with the ghostly phantom drums to fade out.

This continues into the more melodical “Sang D’Effraie”. Sometimes, I feel that Black Metal can sacrifice musicianship for its overall genre defining sound. But there are shades in this track especially that remind me of some Melodic Death bands, more specifically some of the guitar licks that accented the vocal line were very reminiscent of some of DARK TRAQUILITY’s releases, something I wholly approve of! This theme of subtle musicality continues through “Chasse Vent” ghoulish funeral style organs accompanying and also through “Jurant La Peste” with some more gentle guitar licks under the layers of heavily distorted riffage.

After the link track, “Landes Obscures” the listener is again to be treated to the more subtle delicacies that ENDE have been displaying throughout this album. The music is there; it is a great release that I am sure will please their fans, both new and old.

Songwriting – 8
Originality – 9
Memorability – 9
Production – 9

4 Star Rating

1. Verpe Macabre
2. Les Nuits D’Octobre
3. Sang D’Effraie
4. Chasse Vent
5. Jurant La Peste
6. Landes Obscures
7. Les Conjurations De L’Arden
8. Mörnöyr
9. Copula Cum Daemone
I. Luciferia – Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards
Thomas Njodr – Drums
Record Label: Obscure Abhorrence Productions


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