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Endemise - Anathema Award winner

by Gabriel “Svrtr” Zimmerman at 12 May 2017, 2:14 PM

Many people talk about the “brutality” of metal,  especially genres like black and  death, in both jest and seriously. Crushing riffs and a relentless assault that is the drum beat, yet sometimes it is good to take a step back in favor of symphony and melody. Today I refer to ENDEMISE and their third studio album "Anathema." Mixing their focus on melodic death metal with symphonic black metal influences (with sounds similar to CARACH ANGREN), they produce an array of songs that have an incredible sound that are  magnificently orchestrated. Without further ado, let’s dive right in.

Opening with the song “Nocturne”, with an opening stretch of night time sounds like crickets and a campfire, the song slowly builds up with a very gradual and epic orchestral aspect that breaks out in the most apocalyptic medieval sense possible. Throughout the song, the tempo remains within a fairly consistent range and and never felt too over the top, slowing down and opting for melody and symphony in the chorus. Some may critique the pace at sections, but overall it is very strong instrumentally. The drums do feel a bit dialed too far back at times, or somewhat poorly mastered sounding as if they are computer generated. At worst, maybe the vocals felt lacking, feeling weaker than everything else to a notable  degree. However it is a very good opening song that starts the album off very strongly. The next song up is the namesake of the album, “Anathema”. Here the tempo feels a bit more noticeably off. It feels more all over the place with somewhat too sudden of riff changes and beat changes in one verse alone. The symphonic aspects are again on point, but again there are times the sound seems computer generated, again possibly an editing mistake. However there are some sick overall melodic riffs most noticeable in the chorus and bridge, and though it is not technically complex it does well to draw you in.

Next on the list of songs I will mention is undoubtedly “Fragments in the Stone”, the first of what seems like a two part series with the second being “Fragments in Flame”. The song starts with an amazing riff and really highlights the skill of the band and their ability to make Melodic Death Metal. The entire song is crisp and has a clear sound, a perfect tempo, and endlessly amazing riffs. The progression has little to no faults I can find, and this is by far one of my favorite songs on the album. There is nothing I can personally find wrong with the song, and I will have to leave it at that as I do not wish to start speaking in circles. To sum it up, this is an amazing song that incredibly well highlights the skill of the band and be sure to listen to this song at the very least. One thing I forgot to mention is the amazing use of symphonic elements, which are flawlessly interwoven in and out of the song, especially with their choice of employment of a piano. Of course though, I must also discuss “Fragment in Flame”. I must admit, between the two I personally prefer “Fragments in the Stone”, though this song is still amazing. Opting for the oft joked about “Brutal” verse, the song does hold amazing beats and riffs. Again though, there is nothing I can fault here on this song and personally find it an amazing song, and very fitting in its name similarity with “Fragment in Flame”. Yet again, though fainter than other songs the orchestral elements are employed masterfully where they are used, and if you can, also make sure to listen to this song.

One thing I have not mentioned yet is the vocals, and Frank Falsetto does an amazing job as lead vocalist. He is almost certainly one  of my favorite  vocalists I have heard with his shrieks and gutturals and that is after one album. Overall, while there are things that can be faulted here and there I would highly recommend this album and every single song on it to anyone. If I could I would rant on about every song on the album in the best possible way. Make sure to give this piece a listen.

Songwriting: 9
Originality: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Nocturne
2. Anathema
3. Blackening
4. Procreator
5. Fragments in Stone
6. Soma
7. Come Serene Dark
8. Fragments in Flame
David Sauve - Drums
Dale Sauve - Vocals, Guitar
Alex Aksentyev - Bass
Franky Falsetto - Lead Vocals
Graham Murphy - Guitar
Record Label: Maple Metal Records


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