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Endezzma - Erotik Nekrosis

Erotik Nekrosis
by Salvador Aguinaga II at 10 January 2013, 2:31 PM

Trapped in a cathedral, vacant of mortal witnesses but the windows prey their eyes unto you and the beloved in front of you. An elegant vast room decrepit of the remains of the curious never to be heard of again. The prior descriptions are what I got from the dazzling artwork by Alexandr Balinets for ENDEZZMA‘s "Erotik Nekrosis". It’s so well done my eyes lost all awareness of wading environments. I could stare longer not caring for the passage of time. We all experience Death, all in it’s glory and various forms bequeathed to the known. We experience it all the time without batting a conscious eye. The world and nature revolves in Death, it’s an inevitable end and a disguised beginning.

I feel trapped in a tale I cannot escape from. A story we all know but are oblivious to others. It’s our life and here ENDEZZMA allows us a glimpse from their first full-length. They’ve also unleashed “Alone” an EP from 2007. ENDEZZMA cannot possibly be summed up in a couple of words. Rather necrosis happens within different patched up decaying sectors yet are comprised from the same system. All their songs had this feel but are all ultimately ENDEZZMA.

It’s not your normal dosage of Black Metal. First off if you enjoy solos within your majority preference of Metal than I suggest giving "Erotik Nekrosis" a shot. A rare diagnosis for Black Metal indeed. While staying true to the traditional Black Metal sound. A foggy recording encased in a vibrant distortion but piercing it slowly to reach a cleaner and smoother transition. While the bass typically has a tendency to adapt to a forlorn but demanding pattern, here it surrounds the melody and like a chameleon changes under the circumstance. Sregroth also seemed to have played a fretless within a few sections but I could be wrong. Enticed by the progressive shifts of Carl Balam it allows one to savor the feeling; complimenting the riffs and helping them turn the page. "Erotik Nekrosis"’s replay value is moderately high. It’s shrouded in mystery and you’ll want to go back and listen to it a few more times to have a better sense of its invocation. It’s strange, it’s a direct album but at the same time comprehensive. Like the chanting goes, “No more than he command must we perform.”

It’s of sad news that Trondr Nefas passed on just a few days after the release of "Erotik Nekrosis". Nonetheless, this album was dedicated in his honor and Death. As I said before Death has many forms. Haunting, symbolic, a parody, closing in and encroaches just as the keys were in this album. They represented many beautiful Deaths.

3 Star Rating

1. Junkyard Oblivion
2. Enigma of the Sullen
3. Against Them All
4. Swansong of a Giant
5. Hollow
6. Krossing Rubikon
7. Soulcleansing
Morten Shax - Vocals
Trondr Nefas - Guitars
Mattis Malphas - Guitars
Sregroth- Bass
Carl Balam - Drums
Record Label: Agonia Records


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