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Endless Chaos - Rejected Atrocity Award winner

Endless Chaos
Rejected Atrocity
by Daniel Fox at 22 July 2014, 12:32 PM

Canada is well-known for hailing some of the world's best extreme metal; KATAKLYSM, CRYPTOPSY and GORGUTS among them. Having just released their debut EP are Death Thrashers ENDLESS CHAOS, who derive their music from genre pioneers such as SKELETONWITCH and TESTAMENT. Their EP, at just 3 tracks long, is the best way they could have unleashed their music upon the scene.

"Rejected Atrocity" is a furiously technical piece, surgically constructed of riffs executed with molecular precision, with Deadly verses that translate seamlessly into unmistakably Thrashy choruses. You will notice that the production is stellar; cutting treble with a sufficiently crunchy low-end that delivers the best of both worlds of Thrash. The vocals that utter forth remind me of CARCASS' Jeff Walker, a bestial, vicious rasp that occasionally translates to brooding, low-end growls "Sacrifical Ritual" is taking their music down a more traditional Thrashy lane, with riffs reminiscent of SLAYER and KREATOR, and deliciously melodic guitar work in the choruses chucking up some flashbacks to the Euro metal scene. Easily a track that appeals to the fans of more melodic metal, especially those of Sweden's Melodeath scene, it provides a welcome break in between tracks that otherwise aurally drown one in heaviness.

"Condemned to the Pit" is perhaps the heaviest of the tracks, taking strong presidence with heavy grooves, riding on the full force of steamrolling gallops. Its speed will eventually surpass that of the previous tracks, leading us to and from brutal passages of slower, heavier, spine-snapping chugs. The track ends on such a note, with pummeling after pummeling of VADER-esque gallops delivered, once again, with mechanical precision.

My curiosity has since turned to confusion; how does a band sound this great on their first EP? Luckily, we can expect this to translate into a full-length effort, which I'll now not-so-patiently be waiting for.

4 Star Rating

1. Rejected Atrocity
2. Sacrificial Ritual
3. Condemned to the Pit
Jordan Dorge – Vocals
Mike Menza – Guitars
Mike Toews – Guitars
Jeff Humarang – Bass
James Burton – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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