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Endseeker - Flesh Hammer Prophecy

Flesh Hammer Prophecy
by Erik Akos at 05 December 2017, 8:58 PM

ENDSEEKER are a german Death Metal band, originating from Hamburg. Having released an EP named ”Corrosive Revelation” via F.D.A. Records, they are now coming with their follow-up by the title of ”Flesh Hammer Prophecy”. The name already gets you pumped, doesn’t it? Well, let’s find out if the record itself is as good as it’s title and cover. Intro track, ”Into The Fire” isn’t really an actual song, rather just an an intro, and is a damn good one. It’s perfect from basically all perspectives. It’s a great introduction to the album’s atmosphere, instrumentation and compositional characteristics, and that’s quite a lot, granted the song is mostly just the same riff over and over again, but it still gets the job done professionally. I even appreciate the fact that they actually dedicated a track just to be a prologue to their album.

The actual starting song (the title track) ”Flesh Hammer Prophecy” isn’t as tender, it’s a lot stronger and ”in your face”, kicking off with typical Death Metal riffage; nothing as special as the preceding instrumental, but it’s still fun, even if it doesn’t manage to transcend that status. For the vocals, Len introduces himself with a ”blegh” so of course I was sympathetic from the start, but (and this also goes for the whole album) I actually think his vocal delivery is really passionate, intense and one of the highlights here. It’s about 90% harsh vocals and 10% yelling, love it. Not the repetitive forced brutality of George Fisher or Chris Barnes, there is an actual human that is doing these vocals, not a freaking robot; not to mention the relatively anthemic outro to the track. Anyways, I think I summed up the title track well, so let’s continue on.

Demon Spawn” is really similar, however, it shows more chemistry between the band members, a somewhat slower tempo and more complex guitar work. I have to say, I dig the guitar tone. It has that 80’s thrashy vibe to it, while mostly still being Death Metal-oriented. The whole record itself is really thrashy Death Metal, which is no need to say a positive. Nevertheless, ”Demon Spawn” is good, but a little worrying. ”Malicious Instinct” still follows the same formula, being heavier and catchier than most. It offers a little more variety song-structure-wise, but is still lacking and foreshadows the main problem with ”Flesh Hammer Prophecy”. It’s also longer than it should be; taking away a 1 minute wouldn’t have hurt. ”Worshipping The Bloodthirsty” kicks the most ass composition-wise and with its anthemic and headbanging value. In short, it’s the song you want them to play live the most. This track also lets drummer André Kummer shine a little bit, and he’s a reasonably talented bloke.

”Feasting On The Decomposed” is the point where I’ll stop the track-by-track review, and tell you that if you listened through it until here, you have a perfectly whole sense of what the actual album is. (Yes, I am aware that there are four more tracks, and I don’t give a…) Look, this disk is ENDSEEKER, a bunch of talented guys coming together and making an album with all the Death Metal clichés imaginable while staying in their little comfort zones. Same kickoff start, same lyrics about murder and violence, same riffing, same EVERYTHING. The first 3 tracks are somewhat distinguishable and provide the listener with a great amount of enjoyment, and then 60% of the album just shits all over your ears with overly conventional DM instrumentals and lyrics. The vocals are the only thing that I can say are interesting or unique. I know I’m giving away the impression that I hate this album, but I don’t, I just see the wasted potential of these guys’ musicianship and I’m actually kind of pissed off about it. So much could have been done with this record but wasn’t. And because of that, I’m not even going to bother with reviewing the next three tracks (”Shredding Your Graven Image”, ”Black Star Rising” and ”Power Burns) not because I’m lazy, but because I already wrote almost everything I think about ”Flesh Hammer Prophecy”. Instead, I’m going to jump straight to the concluding song, ”Possessed By The Flame”, because: a) it’s the best song on the album and b) for a sense of closure.

There is a solid riff in the beginning, a decent mix of the vocals with the instrumentation, and probably the best guitar work - which is marked by the return of the main riff from ”Into The Fire”; a phenomenal idea if you ask me; it ends as it begins. Yet there’s much more to this track, and it’s the closest they came to fulfilling their potential and moving to the edge of their comfort zone, especially from a compositional perspective. As a verdict, unfortunately I must say FLESH HAMMER PROPHECY disappointed me and is a waste of musical talent. However, I still think it’s a sort of decent and solid album, but not brave or daring enough. In conclusion, this record is really enjoyable and fun for anyone looking for a quick and easy Death Metal adventure, but you could do a lot better if you want something more… challenging.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 4
Memorability: 3
Production: 9

3 Star Rating

1. Into the Fire
2. Flesh Hammer Prophecy
3. Demon Spawn
4. Malicious Instinct
5. Worshipping The Bloodthristy
6. Feasting On The Decomposed
7. Shredding Your Graven Image
8. Black Star Rising
9. Power Burns
10.  Possessed By The Flame
Lennart Osterhus – Vocals
Torsten Eggert – Bass
Ben Liepelt – Guitars
Jury Kowalczyk – Guitars
André Kummer – Drums
Record Label: F.D.A. Records


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Edited 22 October 2018

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