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Endstille – Infektion 1813 Award winner

Infektion 1813
by Ilias Halastanis at 11 August 2011, 2:00 AM

ENDSTILLE. We could recognize them as one of the best Black Metal bands from Germany. They participated in many music festivals. They are one of the most recognized Black Metal bands and also one of the most active ones. They continue their great work and give their best every year. There’s no lack of new inspiration for them every year they come up with new ideas, without big changes in their great and unique style. They might have another vocalist now (Zingultus) but he is as great as Iblis. We could easily say that their sound is finest quality of raw Black Metal. ENDSTILLE is one of the best Black Metal bands and we really think that they will continue this great work that brings them every year closer to the highest level.

Some information about ENDSTILLE: They formed in 2000.  They started with their demo “Demon” in 2001. One year later (2002) they released their first Full-length, called “Operation Wintersturm”.  In 2003 they released their second Full-length “Frühlingserwachen”. In 2004 they released another Full-length called “Dominanz” and in 2005 the “Navigator” Full-length. In 2006 they released a split album with GRAUPEL. In 2007 they come back with a new Full-length “Endstilles Reich”. Two years later (their biggest break) they released another Full-length “Verführer”. In 2010 they release their second split album with KILT. And this year they released their latest Full-length “Infektion 1813”.

Infektion 1813” is not something really different; the correct word is that they “improved” the outcome. ENDSTILLE have matured, but not in a bad way. My opinion is that there is still room for further improvement. It’s a first step in a new direction; it seems that they are ready to have some additional changes. Their first vocalist Iblis, is out and replaced with Zingultus. If you know something about German Black Metal, and who doesn't, then you would know him from GRAUPEL. My opinion is that Zingultus delivers a suitably superb performance on “Infektion 1813” and that he is as great as Iblis, maybe more suitable for the. ENDSTILLE continued their aggressive way with their new work with few changes, maybe because of the new vocalist, or their contract with Season of Mist Records. There's more thrash melody injected into the cuts than previously plus a more impacted atmosphere. ENDSTILLE is one of the most famous raw Black Metal bands in the world, and to be honest he have seen some similar changes in other bands like them, like MARDUK. To be honest those changes were just another direction, or another music path, their style remains in many ways the same.

The sound of “Infektion 1813” is amazing. I got to accept that I enjoyed this album. To be frank, I really liked Zingultus’ voice in GRAUPEL but I never thought he could manage to be a member of ENDSTILLE. My greatest surprise was also the official video clip, great work. His voice was really amazing! I enjoyed it. The melodic bits don’t ruin their raw style. The song “Anomie” is the greatest opener, I really enjoyed it, and it’s what you expect from ENDSTILLE; a powerful song were we can notice the quality of the new vocalist. “Trenchgoat” and “Bloody H (The Hurt-Gene)” are also a great song with few melodic bits and some speed up riffs; raw songs full of hatred. “The Deepest Place on Earth” maybe is something different, it maintains the raw way ENDSTILLE gave us but also saw the different aspects of their new vocalist voice with some small bits of additional chorus in some parts, again the melody is something amazing, with those hellish guitar riffs.

When Kathaaria Falls” is a really technical song but it tends to get bogged down and monotonous at times and it doesn’t hold my interest from start to finish, I didn’t found it as something special to keep my interest. The next song “Satanarchie” is something amazing, it’s one of the best Black Metal songs of 2011, and it is just what I expected from a band of this level, only one word is the best to describe this song: “quality”. “World Aflame” is also another great song, for this one I got to say that I can’t imagine what the hell is going with them. They just have no lack of inspiration. “Wrecked” is a perfect example of this enormous blackened power this band can provide, it is also one of the best songs of the album. The last song “Endstille (Völkerschlächter)” is maybe the most melodic and also monotonous song of the album, but you must focus on the lyrics, it is dedicated to many people we know from historic battlefields, from the ancient ones to the most modern ones.

My conclusion is that ENDSTILLE have improved technically, also matured and want to try something a little bit different, but not in a bad way. But there is still room for further improvement. They have a new Label, new vocalist but the same creative passion. My opinion is that their next work will be even better. With more conviction in what they’re doing and perhaps better use of Zingultus’ voice, this line-up could produce a masterpiece. From a band like ENDSTILLE we expect every time something more because of their level. .If you're truly into black metal then you will understand this album, if not just start criticism.

4 Star Rating

1. Anomie
2. Trenchgoat
3. Bloody H (The Hurt-Gene)
4. The Deepest Place on Earth
5. When Kathaaria Falls
6. Satanarchie
7. World Aflame
8. Wrecked
9. Endstille (Völkerschlächter) 
Zingultus - Vocals
Lars Wachtfels - Guitars
Cruor - Bass
Mayhemic - Destructor Drums
Record Label: Season Of Mist Records


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Edited 20 April 2018

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