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Eneferens - The Bleakness of our Constant Award winner

The Bleakness of our Constant
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 08 October 2018, 4:03 AM

ENEFERENS manifested into the solo project of Jori Apedaile in January of 2016 in Missoula, Montana. Tracks were written and recorded during the early months of the year initially to serve as live performance material. The tracks were later independently released on August 8th as ENEFERENS’ debut album, “The Inward Cold.” Writing for a new record began immediately after its release, and within only another three months, “In The Hours Beneath” was completed and released on the first day of December. The name “eneferens” came to Jori in a dream on a winter’s night in 2015, meaning “to carry within one’s self.” The name embodies precisely what the content of the music portrays. Through the inspiration of the beauty of nature and self-reflection on the human experience, a delicate chemistry of beauty, struggle, and triumph is born.

“Leave” is a beautiful opening track that sets a tone of struggle between despair and hope. The clean guitars that open the song are both melancholy and spirited at the same time. The electric guitars tell a more powerful story, with legato notes held for effect. When they intertwine with harmony, it unlocks something in your soul that frees you of your worries for just a spell in time. “The Onward Reach” opens with a chaotic sound with fierce Death vocals that is gloomy and depressing. Following a guitar solo, clean vocals some in to wash away some of the harshness, followed by a lightened passage of clean guitars and finishing strongly, with tender piano notes at the end. “Amethyst” opens with despondent tones where the battle between light and darkness is waning, favoring the darkness. But it turns the other direction in the interlude, focusing softly on wayward tones of pensive thoughts, with clean vocals providing the questioning, and then ends in a rushed passage where the passion burns deeply.

“Weight of the Mind’s Periapt” is the longest song on the album, at close to nine minutes. Depressing guitars welcome in the track, leading to a slow and soul-crushing sound, with Death Vocals so deep, they rattle inside you relentlessly. Just after the half way mark, the sound drops off with harmonic clean vocals and a sense of renewed hope. “11:34” is a short instrumental piece, high on emotions. The chord progressions are absolutely beautiful. Allow yourself to sink into the melody and you might never recover. “Selene” is the closing track. It opens with a soft breeze and the light strumming of a stringed instrument. When the main riff kicks in, it follows the melody line established at the beginning. It builds to a crashing crescendo at the end, laying waste to everything around.

Every now and again, an album will come along and change your world view, challenge the way that you think, and the way that you feel. “The Bleakness of our Constant” was this album for me. There are wondrous moments of grandeur, and sweet, tender fills that stir the passion inside you for something more than just ordinary music. Depressing, enlightening, and full of profound and stark moments, it will pull you into its cold, grey world and hold you there throughout the album, crushing you emotionally with its despondent and melancholy tones, while simultaneously giving you hope, in a world where hope is all but lost.

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Leave
2. This Onward Reach
3. Amethyst
4. Awake
5. Weight of the Mind’s Periapt
6. 11:34
7. Selene
Jori Apedaile – All instruments, Vocals
Record Label: Bindrune Recordings


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