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Enemy Inside – Seven Award winner

Enemy Inside
by Thomas Kumke at 03 July 2021, 12:47 PM

ENEMY INSIDE hailing from Aschaffenburg, Germany were formed in 2017. They are a Modern Metal band with a lot of different influences inspiring their melodic Metal sound. “Seven” is the second full-length album after the much acclaimed album “Phoenix” back in 2018. It was recorded and produced by Evan K at Epsilon Studios in Aschaffenburg and mixed and mastered by Henrik Udd (AT THE GATES, HAMMERFALL, DELAIN) at Henrik Udd Recording Studios in Gothenburg, Sweden. “Seven” will be released via Greek label Rock of Angel Records which is specialized in Metal and Hardrock. The album has a length of more than 42 minutes.

While there are still two months left until the release date of ENEMY INSIDE`s new album, I am lucky enough listening to it and writing the review. The band had set the bar pretty high with their debut album “Phoenix” and my first impression is that they are going to raise the bar even higher. “Seven” is inspired by the seven deadly sins and the sound of the album is built on the band’s biggest assets: a rich ensemble of melodies, hooklines, lead guitar harmonies, and overarching the powerful voice of Nastassja Giulia.

The opener “Crystallize” sets the stage: powerful guitar riffs, catchy choruses but with enough twists, and the vocals that go with the notes and give the song an extra lift. Nastassja Giulia has a great diversity in her voice and the band takes full advantage of it to mix things up. “Alien” serves as excellent example for that: it has another infectious chorus section though, but the sound is very different with the break halfway through the track compared to “Crystallize” or “Release Me”. “Release Me” is one of the three single releases. The melodies are a bit measured, the tempo is slightly slower than mid-tempo, and the texture is straightforward without any twists. Highlight are the lead guitars that give the track something extra. “Release Me” is also available as video with the YouTube link given below.

Break Through” and “Black Butterfly” are those songs where ENEMY INSIDE slow it a bit down and include orchestral elements. The verse section of “Break Through” is driven by pianos and violins while the guitars kick in during the chorus sections. The vocals on this track are once more outstanding and show the talent of Nastassja Giulia.Black Butterfly” has also symphonic elements which are here in the background and provide a great atmosphere for the song.

There are a few songs on the album which show the musical inspirations of ENEMY INSIDE. At least parts of “In My Blood” and “Seven” would fit very well on every EVANESCENCE album. Especially “In My Blood” has such familiar sounding verse and chorus sections and Amy Lee could not perform better on the track. The ENEMY INSIDE trademark feature here is the unexpected break halfway through that gives the song a very different direction. “Seven” starts with very powerful and heavy riffs, and a slow, head-banging rhythm. The EVANESCENCE inspired elements are included in the chorus sections. The trademark feature comes up again: the unexpected twist including an ear-deafening scream of Nastassja Giulia. Highlight of “Seven” are the guitars, the riffing and also the lead guitar sections.

The album has actually no weak song, there are also no repetitive elements. ENEMY INSIDE understand it perfectly to mix things up, to include a lot of variations in their sound and in the melodies, and especially Evan K and Dave Hadarik on the guitars do a great job by providing a rich diversity in riffing and lead guitar solos. The final cover song “Crush” underlines this and the cover comes with the very own arrangement of ENEMY INSIDE.

ENEMY INSIDE deliver a beast of an album! “Seven” has all the ingredients of an excellent modern Metal album: great melodies and harmonies, catchy choruses, powerful and dynamic riffing, playful lead guitar solos, and outstanding vocals. ENEMY INSIDE have developed their own sound further since their debut and progressed as a band. The album is very diverse in sound which indicates excellent songwriting. “Seven” is very well produced. With their new album, ENEMY INSIDE show that they are ready for the next step forward in becoming a serious force in Metal during the next years. The sky is the limit.

Songwriting:  10
Musicianship:  9
Memorability:  9
Production:  9

4 Star Rating

1. Crystallize
2. Alien
3. Release Me
4. Break Through
5. In My Blood
6. Bulletproof
7. Seven
8. Black Butterfly
9. Black And Gold
10. Dynamite
11. Crush (Jennifer Paige cover)
Nastassja Giulia – Vocals
Evan K – Guitars
Dave Hadarik ­ Guitars
Feli Keith – Drums
Dominik Stotzem – Bass
Record Label: Rock Of Angel Records


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