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Enemy Of Reality - Where Truth May Lie Award winner

Enemy Of Reality
Where Truth May Lie
by Kevin Lewis at 10 February 2023, 6:07 AM

ENEMY OF REALITY is a Greek Symphonic Metal band formed in 2013. They bring in elements of Power and Progressive Metal to round out their sound and create a wider range of music that appeals to a bigger audience. Where Truth May Lie, their third full-length album, will be released on February 24, 2023, via Vinyl Store Records. The album opens with “Final Prayer,” a haunting tune that begins with whispers that sound a bit eerie, almost like someone is suffering from a mental illness and is muttering to themselves. Forlorn piano notes come next as the song starts to build. The build continues, adding drums, strings, and bass. The final surge transitions to “Downfall,” which carries on the phrasing, tying the two songs together beautifully. This track has a nice chugging riff and rhythm with excellent orchestration layered in.

Folksy strings bring “At The Edge Of Madness” to life. Strange vocalizations start the voice portion of the song, ushering in Iliana’s clean vocals. She has a couple of sections that remind me of Floor Jansen when she was fronting AFTER FOREVER. Both the tone and the delivery are very similar and I love hearing it. The music has a minor resemblance as well, though there are distinct differences. ENEMY OF REALITY has their own sound, paving their own way. You need look no further than “Serenade Of Death” to hear something uniquely theirs. The arabesque chants over the Middle Eastern guitar/string arrangement is a thing of beauty. This band knows how to blend musical influences into wonderful pieces of art that delight the senses, especially the ears. This track alone is reason enough to love the entire album.

One of the heavier riffs on the album is in “Tears Of Echo.” The strings wrapped around the guitars is quite nice, giving the song a airiness it otherwise might not have, keeping the song in line with the rest of the record. The mix of heavy rhythm and lighter orchestration is superbly done. “Long Forgotten” then brings the strings to a new prominence, weaving them all through the composition, augmenting the guitars and the bass. The drums track in quite well, helping the phrasing shifts really hit the mark. Finishing this album out is “Baptised In Fire.” The drums and bass fuse perfectly, somewhat offsetting the guitar phrase in the beginning, then merging and taking the song into the first verse. Here, we get some of the best classical vocals on the record. They’ve been scattered throughout, but they just punch harder in this track. The blending and layering of clean and harsh voices fit the song well, giving a true “beauty and the beast” sound to the song.

ENEMY OF REALITY have put together a very good record. The songs are consistent and play well together, blending styles and crossing genres with the greatest of ease. While firmly rooted in Symphonic Metal, they move through Power, Progressive, and Gothic Metal with no loss of identity, creating a killer fusion of tones and textures that become an epic album.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Final Prayer
2. Downfall
3. At The Edge Of Madness
4. The Vineyard Song
5. Serenade Of Death
6. Ever-Lusting
7. Tears Of Echo
8. Long-Forgotten
9. Deliverance
10. Goat-Legged Deceiver
11. Baptised In Fire
Iliana Tsakiraki – Vocals
Thanos – Bass/Vocals
Philip Stone – Drums
Steelianos Amoiridis – Guitar
Record Label: Vinyl Store


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