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Enemy Of The Enemy – The Last Dance

Enemy Of The Enemy
The Last Dance
by Oli Gonzalez at 09 May 2022, 5:59 AM

“Hi Oli, good evening! Coming in with a brutal pack for you”. I panic, wondering how brutal this could be, as I read the email with my latest assignments. I opened the info sheet for ENEMY OF THE ENEMY and noticed a photo from the band’s official video for “The Last Dance”.  Just looking at the bright colours and scenery from what seems to be a burlesque house, I thought this was anything BUT brutal metal. I couldn’t resist and clicked the link. Slightly straying from convention as I normally go blind into listening to a band’s album, I could see from the high end production and the overall quality of the video that the French metallers aren’t here to play! They take their craft very seriously and have a strong sense of professionalism about them. I couldn’t wait to get into the album, they’ve already won me over!

“A Bright Warning” opens up the album. The guitars are full and bright, the pace is slow and bludgeoning. Adrian’s vocals are low, solemn, almost gothic like. There’s so much going on here that I admire. Then suddenly it comes to a screeching halt! I’m disappointed, but in a good way. Good because I didn’t want that to end. My appetite for this band has increased. Now it’s time for “The Last Dance”, the song with the official video I alluded to earlier. This has a strong nu-metal backbone, akin to SOULFLY and ILL NINO, with Adrian’s mid-range spoken growl is reminiscent of Randy Blythe. Nice! I wonder if the band have ever covered LAMB OF GOD. At the mid-point, you can hear just the drums, and vocals playing with a delicious full guitar solo. No bass or rhythm guitar. Just those 3 elements. I’ve never heard that before.

That nu metal element is even more apparent in “Alien”. Especially with some rap metal style vocals, with some unique inflexions apparent, for example how alien is pronounced “ar-lee-yun”. I’m personally not a fan of those rapping vocals, but objectively speaking I have to say it totally works for this song. A much longer song by their standards, I won’t lie, I do start to lose interest towards the end. Still, I’m looking forward to the next, “Blackstars”. The production values are still very high, and the use of synths is subtle yet definitely welcomed. Still, it still feels a little cookie cutter and too similar to the last. A lot of what I can say for this song can also be said for “Outta Here”. Which is worrying as I didn’t feel they were progressing with their ideas and compositions. That’s until they unleashed one of THE meatiest and heaviest breakdowns, one I simply was not ready for. That definitely got rewinded a few times. Bravo.  The next song “Redemption” builds on this and features more modern metalcore elements ,especially with the chuggy riffs and breakdowns.

I’m particularly enjoying the PANTERA style grooves in “The Devil In Me”. Definitely providing some much needed variety. Things go quiet in the mid-section. Just bass, drums, and an eerie clean guitar passage. I become anxious, wondering were this song’s leading. Perhaps building to an almighty breakdown? It came, and it was delightful! I’m really impressed and now regret basically thinking that were becoming boring and a trick pony! As I may have implied above. Nice one for proving me wrong, ENEMY OF THE ENEMY“The Choice” also demonstrates that the band can evolve. I enjoyed the hardcore feel to the song, especially with the call and response backing vocals, the use of sub drops, and the hardcore style guitar riffs.

The psychedelic guitar arpeggio is clearly the dominant feature in “Super Green”, supplemented by some SPINESHANK style nu metal grooves. Sadly, I’m finding it harder to stay engaged. The compositions are becoming too predictable now. The band show some glimpses of creativity in the last few songs of the album, but still it feels far too repetitive. Like they’ve desperately tried to drag out what seemed to be a winning formula across 12 songs. Why not just compress all of that in an 8 track album? Quality not quantity. Because believe me, the band do show quality in their production, willingness to experiment, and overall presentation. Hopefully the band do go down this route and create an album that’s going to be short, unpredictable, leaving the listener craving more.

Songwriting: 5
Musicianship: 6
Memorability: 6
Production: 10

3 Star Rating

1. A Bright Warning
2. The Last Dance
3. Alien
4. BlackStars
5. Outta Here
6. Redemption
7. The Devil In Me
 8. The Choice
9. SuperGreen
10. Believe
11. Born Unchained
12. When The Sun Goes Down
Adrian - Vocals
Nicolas - Guitars
Fabien– Bass
César - Drums
Record Label: WormHoleDeath


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