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Enemy Of The Sun - Shadows (CD)

Enemy Of The Sun
by Dimitris Kontogeorgakos at 17 December 2007, 10:57 AM

Do you remember the band GRIP INC? It was the product of the collaboration between, by that time ex-SLAYER super-drummer, Dave Lombardo and the former DESPAIR guitarist Waldermar Sorychta. GRIP INC turned to be an excellent Thrash Metal band that kicked serious ass whenever they were on-stage; I can still remember their most energetic performance in front of the Greek audience during the 1997's edition of the 'Rockwave Festival' (when it was a real festival) and their relentless cover on ROLLING STONES's Paint It Black.
Now that you remembered, it's time to present you their second edition that comes under the name ENEMY OF THE SUN; physically there is a connection with them through Waldermar Sorychta who is responsible for the lead guitars. Musically, ENEMY OF THE SUN have a lot to things to share with GRIP INC; first of all there is the trademark guitar sound due to   Sorychta's presence especially in his artificial harmonics that give a certain dynamic in the solid rhythm section. The vocals are almost chaotic due to the constant changes covering the entire range from melodic and clean to extreme Black Metal throat tormenting screams. Emptiness is a powerful and groovy opening track that enters with a GRIP INC feeling all over the main guitar riff.
I also liked Lives Based On Conflicts and Carousel where apart the classic oriented Thrash backbone, you can find an almost SYSTEM OF A DOWN feeling that floats over the bridge and the chorus lines. This is how ENEMY OF THE SUN's debut album continues; Thrash oriented tracks that sound really interesting by the musical additions that sometimes can be Eastern melodic lines, see Clearly Sureal, strange keyboard variations like in the insane Twenty Three Feet or some industrial finishing touches found in Satisfied By Ego Purposes. You will get really motivated with the headbanging and solid-as-hell rhythm section in Weak or the SLAYER-esque ton heavy Liar that also features another insane break.
Ok, I knew from the start that this should be a very good release from a band that has  Sorychta on the lineup but I did know that it would that interesting; you can find some original ideas here that could create a trademark sound for ENEMY OF THE SUN. So, if you like Thrash and trust me a little bit as an objective reviewer then go ahead and get this album without any doubts.

4 Star Rating

Burning Bridges
Lives Based On Conflicts
Clearly Surreal
Twenty Three Feet
Feel The Beating
Satisfied By Ego Purposes
Brain Sucking Machine
The Sun Will Die
Lost In Time
Waldemar Sorychta - Guitars
Jules Nayveri - Vocals
Alla Fedynitch - Bass
Daniel Zeman - Drums
Record Label: Massacre Records


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