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Energema - World of Zionix Award winner

World of Zionix
by Kyle Scott at 20 February 2018, 1:15 PM

ENERGEMA, while fairly nascent (formed in 2015), is another powerhouse band straight from the heart of Columbia. Their sophomore album “World of Zionix” is a Power Metaller’s dream. Alejandro Pinzon’s wavering, high-flying vocals are nothing short of awe-inspiring atop killer bass riffs. “World of Zionix”, “The Z Cyphers” and “Aren” are robust, soul-driven tunes, perfect for the epic soundtrack of your hero’s journey. You have one of those, right? You should. If not, go out and get one!

“Angel Dust” is a nice break from all the vigorous melody midway through the album with a soothing guest vocalist and an unforgettable guitar solo. ENERGEMA adopts Thrash for their riffs, adding an extra kick to their sound. In fact, they sound close to another band I reviewed THE OUTER LIMITS, a Thrash Metal band from Bulgaria. ENERGEMA is recognized as ‘Christian Metal’, and their lyrics are inspired by “The Chronicles of Narnia”. Little wonder why their debut is titled “The Lion’s Forces”. In fact, one of their songs on that album is titled “Aslan’s Call”! They have a bit of a flair for dramatic build ups for many of their songs on “World of Zionix” and once they really get going, their energy remains more or less at the same speed: killer fast.

“Blue Fire Torch” is an explosive frenetic chord fever dream that goes on for almost four minutes. “The Hermit of Telvan” incorporates flute and tambourine in a subdued ballad that sounds like it came straight from the misty hills of the Andes. The grand epic “Fire of Creation” spans a grand total of eleven minutes and thirty-one seconds. The track rounds out the album with heart-swelling power chords and determined spirit in Pinzon’s lyrics.

ENERGEMA is a forceful spirit of Columbia, and their sound is pure and full of passion, singing of the power of creation and indominable will to conquer dark forces.

Songwriting - 10
Originality - 9
Memorability - 8
Production - 10

4 Star Rating

1. At the Gates of Justice Sun-Overture
2. World of Zionix
3. The Z Cyphers
4. Aren
5. Angel Dust
6. Teris
7. March of Varnir
8. Blue Fire Torch-Instrumental
9. The Hermit of Telvan
10. Fire of Creation
11. Fire of Creation (bonus track)
Daniel Pinzon - Bass
Mauricio Landinez - Drums
Andres Parada - Guitars
Alejandro Pinzon - Vocals
Nicholas Waldo - Guitars
Record Label: Sleazy Rider Records


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