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Energy of the Elements - 03:03 Dehuman Rise

Energy of the Elements
03:03 Dehuman Rise
by MarcusTheRocker at 17 January 2016, 4:34 PM

Symphonic Power Metal, a genre that combines a mixture of your traditional Power Metal music with symphonic elements. Often this can lead to some pretty epic results, as you have not only the bog standard basic Power Metal which is everywhere these days, but you also have the inclusion of Symphonic elements, which can give the music a sweeping, epic edge. Combined these two can sound pretty damn sweet together, but trying not to ruin the rest of the music is also crucial as you don’t want your vocals or melodies to sound rubbish. Can the band in this review pull of this genre without any hitches? Let us find out shall we by meeting ENERGY OF THE ELEMENTS.

Formed in 2008, this six piece Symphonic Power Metal unit formed in Turin in Italy. The group is mainly led by the lead vocalist and lead guitarist who are both brothers. Together these two created a unit to display their unconditional love for European Power Metal. 1 promo demo release and 7 years later and this group are ready to release their debut album “3:30 Dehuman Rise” on the Underground Symphony label. Clocking in at around 50 minutes across 11 songs, the debut album from this Italian Symphonic Power Metal unit is chock full of heavy guitar riffs, symphonic arrangements, punchy drumming and a myriad of special guests from bands such as POWER QUEST, ASPASIA and SIX-POINT LEAD to name a few.

Opening up with “Episode” and closing with “Rise of the Sun” with 9 other songs in between such as “Facing the Oracle”, “Follow Me”, “Abyss Within” “Hiding Behind Shadows” and “Say Goodbye”. One thing I will give this album credit for, is the way the melodies have been arranged as they are punchy and symphonic, while delivering you with songs that equal pure headbang material. This is mainly due to the guitars and the drums, but the vocals in a way also play a part in that too, but alas not everything is so sweet.

I think my main concern with this record is the vocals as they sound very off to me. Even with the multiple special guests on this which are mostly vocalists, they still sound a little off and out of place to me. The best way to explain it is that, I think they are trying too hard to be heard over the music, and as a result they can sound forced, souring the performance somewhat. Then again, even if they were a little clearer, the performance would still sound a bit off and forced to me, which would result in some songs that although you appreciate the arrangements of the melodies, it may or may not put you off slightly.

Make no mistake the production on the rest of the music is pretty clear, meaning you get to enjoy the punchiness of the music and appreciate the work that went into it, but everything else just sounds a little off and out of place which is a shame really.

Bottom line, the debut album from ENERGY OF THE ELEMENTS is, despite any negativity I may have given it very impressive for what it is so I will give it some brownie points for that, as the melodies are very good and very well done for an album of this type. Give this a listen if you are a die hard Power Metal fan and want to see what this is like but if you’re a little worried about how it may sound, then perhaps stay away and come back to it when you’re ready to give it a try.

2 Star Rating

1. Episode
2. Facing the Oracle
3. The Message
4. Abyss Within
5. Never Fall Down
6. 2012
7. Follow Me
8. Gloria Anima Mundi
9. Hiding Behind Shadows
10. Say Goodbye
11. Rise of the Sun
Fabrizio Balliano - Vocals
Riccardo Balliano - Lead Guitar
Roberto Deblasio - Rhythm Guitar
Emanuele Lepredoro - Bass
Gabriele Gilodi - Keyboards
Marco Turco - Drums
Special Guests
Denise Manzi - Vocals on “Facing the Oracle” and “Follow Me”
Flegias - Vocals on “Abyss Within”
Mattia Casabona - Vocals on “Abyss Within”, “Gloria Anima Mundi” and “Hiding Behind Shadows”
Benny Bianco Chinto - Vocals on “Follow Me” and “Say Goodbye”
Andy Midgley - Guitar on “Hiding Behind Shadows”
Record Label: Underground Symphony


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