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Enertia - Piece Of The Factory

Piece Of The Factory
by Camila Guimarães De Almeida at 08 August 2015, 11:22 PM

My first view of the band is a typical heavy metal band, with rhythmic guitars, well-structured riffs, but in second impressions realize a severe resemblance to SAVATAGE.

The album begins with "Do It Again" bringing vocals bring a heavy metal line weighing and melody. Chorus of those who do not leave the head of the listener's face music.

In "Demons Of Silence" with a chorus well built, but with more of the same in the "metal kitchen".

In the third song "The Hardest Sorrow" nothing surprises me, the same bass lines, vocals, guitar and drums I've heard a lot of it out there …

With "Piece Of The Factory" feel a greater presence of elements that refer to thrash metal, with harsh riffs, guitars, drums brought a faster, however, the still very vocal refers to bands that the influences are clear, for example : PANTERA, which is one of the major influences of the guys. With solos built with a lot of melody and little harshness, mixing between melody and speed, without much harmony.

A surprise in "Beside You, Beside Me" with an input guitar in melancholy, beautiful and a very sensitive climate. Followed by quick and riffs batteries still referring to Heavy Metal.

In the song "An Old Fashioned Beating" there are striking similarities between very renowned bands like "Iced Earth" with choruses and bands should be more melodies. However, the proposal already has become common and without much novelty of what is promoted in the current market. Without elements that can refer to something new.

Perhaps the music with more disk originality in "Hard To Follow" was one of the few songs that brought me a see experience something with more originality, composed of various elements, the second distinctive voice, an aggressive chorus in the background chorus of the song "So hard to follow …" I was in my mind to the disk end. Good music and instrumental elements between rich and harmonizing with guitars and striking cadenced riffs and solos built and bringing expressive technique and virtuosity as in its construction.

In "Prisoner" the eighth song on the album see the vocal has a certain linearity in exploring his vocal potential, which is arguably good, it has not risking more to explore its full potential.

I'm surprised with "Can't Breathe" to start in a different way, with speed and riffs weight, but "uououoou" the singer continues without presenting major developments. Positive emphasis on the extremely well executed chorus and in a way that is in your mind to swallow it along to the music and maybe even later. Guitar solos very well executed upon a faster battery and refers often to Thrash Metal footprint.

On the last album with "Letting Go", I see that is a song that actually refers to a finishing an album with an extremely well made ballad with guitar and two voice lines that are inserted. The very composition refers to the completion of something "Oh let you go …". I liked a lot, and refers to the TESTAMENT with its excellent "ballad song" in "The Legacy", however, without appearing to copy.

Anyway, “Enertia” is far from bad, but does not bring many new features, and even though they to signal that TESTAMENT fans, METAL CHURCH, and even PANTERA identify with their sound, I see that the material could also please a public that likes ICED EARTH and SAVATAGE.

But it's not a typical thrash metal band as they themselves label.

3 Star Rating

1. Do It Again
2. Demons of Silence
3. The Hardest Sorrow
4. Piece of The Factory
5. Beside You, Beside Me
6. An Old Fashioned Beating
7. Hard to Follow
8. The Prisoner
9. Can't Breath
10. Letting Go
Joe Paciolla - Bass, Backing Vocals
Jeff Daley - Drums
Roman Singleton - Guitars
Scott Featherstone - Lead Vocals
Record Label: Divebomb Records


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