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Enforces – Metempsychosis

by Allen Peters at 15 November 2022, 5:28 AM

Calling Italy their home, ENFORCES has had a rebirth there. The only original member is Paolo Nevi. Joining him now in the studio are Emiliano Natali on bass, keyboards and programming with Giacomo Anselmi on guitar. They were founded in 2008 releasing, “The Executioner”, with this, “ Metempsychosis”, being only their second album in almost 15 years. It has a lot going on within this 32 minutes of pure Thrash and according to their bio, it consists of a futuristic look at the past, exploring the darker sides of society, the economic system and human psychology. Their bio is brief and internet information scarce but they claim their sole purpose is to keep the old school Thrash-Death spirit while ignoring the modernist fashions and inspirations of the moment. Sounds complicated but maybe they will keep it simple, we are about to find out now.

Starting out with a horror theme playing out on the keyboard, there isn’t much Thrash in the intro song. That all quickly changes when we hit second gear. The scowling, scratchy vocals tell the tale. He has a unique voice and it is working well here for what they are trying to achieve. The guitar work in the end of number two, “And Hell Will Be For Us”, is solid. It is nice beginning and sounds good so far. Eight more to go. I’m feeling hopeful. “Extinction”, follows up and doesn’t disappoint. It has more influence from the bass than the others, adding a nice touch in parts. Grinding along, the tempo changes and mixes in well, in all of the right places. Still no complaints here. On to the next one.

We are almost to “The Point Of No Return”, one more and we are halfway. “Disaster Is Certain”, has a great beginning, not sure about the end, but it may be my favorite so far. The guitar solos are ripping. The lyrics add something to it as well, which is not always the case and nice to see, or should I say hear. An unexpected slow down gives us a brief interlude, then it’s quickly back to business. I like it. More creepiness in the next intro makes for something unique again. They all start off a little different, making each track refreshing. They are not just staying in the same ol’ similar to the last song rut. A lot of bands get in that on an album and don’t get out of it, which makes everything sound like it is made in an echo chamber. The number nine song sticks in the same groove but it is a long one and has plenty of time to evolve. All in all, I   can’t say much bad about it at all, so I won’t. This album is a nice piece of work.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship:  9
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Psychosis
2. And Hell Will Be For Us
3. Extinction
4. Point Of No Return
5. Disaster Is Certain
6. Devils in Disguise
7. Leap In The Dark
8. Global Insecticide
9. New World
10. Midway To Decay
Record Label: Punishment 18 Records


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