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Engel - Blood Of Saints

Blood Of Saints
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 07 June 2012, 3:16 PM

There is a line in one of the songs, I think its “In Darkness”, that fraction of it tells the listener to open his / her mind to see much more. Over the years there were people that used to tell me that I am a too much closed person when it comes to music. Well I say fuck that, what can I do that other music genres other than Rock and Metal suck? I tried them a little; saw their low potential on making me positive and then I threw them away only to spit on their faces continuously nowadays and probably in the future to come. Well, don’t look at me like that; I am a good person, so they say. Either way, the reason I mentioned that line, and after that shrapnel of history of mine, is because there is a relation to this review of the new album of the Swedish, Gothenburg based, group of ENGEL. “Blood Of Saints”, via Season Of Mist, is their third album and some already wrote that is very promising and an impact on the Metal world. I beg to differ about that last comment, but I would agree that it is a matter of opinion or a plain promotional line to help the band. However, I will surprise you folks, as you probably noticed the rating I gave to this fine album, that I also liked this release. Not to the level of downright superiority but it was enjoyable.

I will set it straight with you, and I am coming back again to that little line of opening one’s mind, stepping out of the box and whatever, I don’t like when too much electronic or techno works mess with Metal music. I remember the nightmare I had with the new MORBID ANGEL that sounded like a Dance party out of a frozen hell and me in it. The beauty of “Altar Of Madness” seemed so distant and sadly irrelevant. In the case of ENGEL, they came over the fact that their local, and once famous, melodic Death Metal movement has crossed many lines while slowly removing any shred of good it once has and reconfigured itself to the Metalcore angle. If you want a proof please go ahead and check out SOILWORK. Nonetheless, ENGEL took the modern form of this melodic extreme entity, added Techno, Thrash and Alternative elements, along with the Death Metal tantrums, and mashed it into a one deep greasy gravy. To my little shock, “Blood Of Saints”, which is considered as yet another stage of development by these guys and no I haven’t listened to their earlier releases to make a comparison, made me understand that ENGEL actually put all those elements into a good use. Generally, the album channels a mild extreme sense while keeping the song tight with nasty riffing, which sometimes was pretty broad, diverse vocal work, including a series of channels, that mostly changed in the catchy choruses and made in a very good quality. Also I would accommodate on the fact that unlike MORBID ANGEL, which are by the way signed to this same label of Season Of Mist, ENGEL truly have some great rhythms made by actual drums and not ruled by Techno compositions.

I started with “In Darkness” and that is the first track that I will recommend for you guys. It will sound a little over optimistic with all the rainbow stuff but it is still darkness and yes there is much to see. Mostly it sounded like an Alternative Metal song that MTV would have probably given it a chance. “Cash King” is a Thrash like stone pumping blood with an in your face punching. However, what went on behind the drums had me become a little crazy but I got over it after the first verse. Damn that Techno stuff. The chorus was melodic, simplistic and had moments as if it was an anthem. “Frontline” did the same bloody justice as the former with an additional dose of melodic straightforwardness and an aggressive manner of the vocals. All in all, with all that aggression those were still fervent and unrelenting.

I know that the Techno music would probably be an issue for some of you, yet I recommend on giving these guys a chance. Who knows maybe they will come around one day and remove that Techno disease off of them.

4 Star Rating

1. Question Your Place
2. Frontline
3. Feel Afraid
4. Numb
5. Cash King
6. One Good Thing
7. Blood of Saints
8. Down to Nothing
9. Drama Queen
10. In Darkness
11. Journeys End
Mangan Klavborn- Vocals
Niclas Engelin- Guitar
Marcus Sunesson- Guitar
Steve Drennan- Bass
Jimmy Olausson- Drums 
Record Label: Season Of Mist


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