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Engine Driven Cultivators - Insert Coin Award winner

Engine Driven Cultivators
Insert Coin
by James Brizuela at 18 June 2019, 2:30 AM

Hailing out of Rome, Italy, ENGINE DRIVEN CULTIVATORS return with their fourth full-length album, “Insert Coin”. Bringing forth a punk-styled thrash attack, “Insert Coin”, fires on all cylinders. I have a deep appreciation for bands that incorporate a punk-style to their thrash. ENGINE DRIVEN CULTIVATORS bring plenty of that “get in the pit” feel with this album. From the tight musicianship to chanting backing vocals, “Insert Coin” is a completely well-rounded thrash album. Much like Municipal Waste, they draw you in with the fast-paced punk-styled drumming coupled with vocals you take pride in shouting loudly. The guitar work is something to behold as well. There are some incredible guitar solos that just kick the songs into high gear. Starting with the opening track, “Throne Of The Slapsticks”, the guitar picking immediately draws you in. The double bass of the drumming starts to beat your head in, as you are thrust into an onslaught of the wailing guitar solo.

The production in this album is through the roof. You can clearly every instrument clearly, and the enunciation of the lyrics helps you to be able to chant right along with the band. Makes it so much easier to bang your head as you feel the complete thrash attack. I love how Engine Driven Cultivators have the short and sweet tracks like “B.O.P.E.” that bring you in and throw you around, but they also take their time to deliver a longer and slightly slower track that still delivers on the brutality, such as “Eschaton”.

Purge The Greed Of Fear” follows suit of the slowing down of the tempo, but the tight musicianship stills packs a punch. There is another incredible guitar solo thrown in that you can’t seem to help but air guitar to. If you take nothing else from listening to this album, just go back and listen to these guitar solos. I promise that you will not be disappointed. I can’t help but want to slam dance to “Stop That Gorilla”. And what track would be complete without some good ol’ cowbell. The simplistic lyrical themes make this album a ton of fun to belt out.

I can really appreciate the want to try and put a power metal spin on the vocals for the track “Dual Strike”. I was honestly expecting some high pitch yells to happen, but even though they did not come, I still loved the track. The wailing can be saved for the guitars. Of course, I have to give a head nod to the skating punk-styled song in “Skids And Brew”. But this style is as if you were listening to punk on crack. There is another incredible solo delivered that just aids in the beautiful musicianship of this track. This is a hell of a way to end an already entertaining album. Much like its namesake, “Insert Coin” is like listening to a crazy pinball machine that you just placed a quarter in. The machine lights up, drags you in, and completely punishes you. It is an absolute win.

Songwriting: 9
Originality: 9
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

4 Star Rating

1. Throne of the Slapsticks
2. B.O.P.E.
3. Eschaton
4. Red Striped Police
5. Purge the Greed of Fear
6. Stop That Gorilla
7. Dual Strike
8. Toxic Protocol
9. Leap Out
10. Skids and Brew
Mattia Tibuzzi – Bass
Jacopo Bassi –Drums
Daniele Ricci – Guitars
Adriano Angeli – Guitars
Alessando “Moraccio” Giorgi – Vocals
Record Label: Punishment 18 Records


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Edited 16 October 2019

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