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Engraver – Behind Award winner

by Thomas Kumke at 17 August 2021, 7:07 PM

ENGRAVER are a Thrash Metal band with a few Death Metal influences. They are from Ossi, Italy and were formed in 2019. The band consists of members from UNHOLY IMPURITY and GANONDORF. “Behind” is their debut EP and it is an independent release. The EP was recorded and mixed at Italian SoundLikeKong Studio and SpaceCraft Studio. It was mastered at SoundScape Recordings. “Behind” has a length of almost 29 minutes.

As someone who loves Thrash Metal since a time when the term not even existed, I am always delighted to discover young Thrash Metal bands. ENGRAVER play traditional Thrash Metal that has all the elements the fans love: speed, aggression, darkness, and great solos. The EP starts with a keyboard driven, horror movie like intro which could be on any Death Metal album, but afterwards the thrash attack starts with “Desire To Kill”. “Desire To Kill” has a good and dynamic opening with sharp guitar riffs and strong bass lines. The vocals are growls at the medium end of the gutturals. The rhythm is predominantly a bit faster than mid-tempo, but with a number of breaks where the rhythm is slowed down. Altogether, the track lacks a bit the kick-in-your-face attitude and especially the breaks slightly take off the aggression, but the lead guitars do fully compensate for it.

The kick-in-the-face comes with “The Last Victim” which is a really good old fast thrash song with lots of aggression, flesh-ripping guitar riffing, lots of double-bass drums, and perfectly fitting vocals. The mid-tempo break is introduced by a crunching bass, followed by a head-banging rhythm, catchy guitar riffs, and a contributing lead guitar solo. “The Last Victim” was released as lyric video and the YouTube link is given below. “Kill You Again” continues with the speed and aggression and some of the riffing reminds me on early EXODUS. However, this is the only reference I make to the golden period of Thrash Metal, since ENGRAVER have their really own approach to Thrash Metal throughout the entire album. Highlight is the lead guitar solo and the overall dark atmosphere of the track. I believe, “Kill You Again” has the potential to become a fan’s favorite.

Hiding The Curse” is the grand final on “Behind” and with a length of more than nine minutes, it would be better suited on a full-length album. The song does not match quite the pace as “The Last Victim” or “Kill You Again”, but it comes with more complexity in structure, and with epic melodies. Both guitarists provide the highlight and the lead guitar solo is top drawer. “Hiding The Curse” includes a choral towards the end and the fading out transitions into a classical guitar solo, manifesting the darkness of the track.

Behind” is one of the releases from which I wanted to hear more songs! ENGRAVER deliver an excellent Thrash Metal debut. That is not really easy given the almost 40 years history of Thrash Metal. The sound of ENGRAVER is fresh and it is no stereotype of past Thrash Metal Greats. Highlights are the guitar riffing and the lead guitars for me. There are no repetitive elements on the EP and there is sufficient diversity in sound which is evidence for good songwriting. The EP is very well produced. ENGRAVER introduce themselves with a bang in the Thrash Metal scene and fans will desperately wait for a full-length album.

Songwriting:  9
Musicianship:  8
Memorability:  8
Production:  9

4 Star Rating

1. It Follows
2. Desire To Kill
3. The Last Victim
4. Kill You Again
5. Hiding The Curse
Giuseppe Fancello – Vocals
Marco Scanu – Guitars
Riccardo Chessa ­ Guitars
Nicola Piras – Drums
Santino Derudas – Bass
Record Label: WormHoleDeath Records


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Edited 17 August 2022

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